Rambling Over Coffee: 3 bank card numbers stolen in 3 months on two different accounts, needless to say I'm anxious about using my bank cards!

Anxiety over paying at the pump... getting gas shouldn't be something you have to stop and have a conversation about in your head!

3 bank card numbers stolen in 3 months on two different accounts, needless to say I'm anxious about using my bank cards!  Especially when we have no idea how they got them, where they got them, if they used a skimmer/reader at one of the gas pumps I had used during a previous road trip or if it was just a reader set up somewhere close to me as I walked by, etc.  Visa Fraud and my bank said there was no way to know..... I don't go shopping, I don't buy from questionable sites online, I don't use my card but to get groceries and gas for the most part.

After the last hack in November I have rarely used my new debit card.

Since I was having to dispute charges and submit a report to VISA to try to get my money bank (because it was a debit card, you have to fight to get your money back unlike credit cards), I stopped using my (new) debit card at all.

I dug out an old credit card and started to use it.  For everything!  Gas.  Groceries. Household goods like toilet paper and dish soap.  Christmas gifts. Annual renewals.  EVERYTHING.  Because I was scared if I used my debit card, it would be hacked again.

Once bitten, twice shy and all that, but I had been bitten 3 times in 3 months!  I wasn't shy.  I was terrified.

Well, I really need to figure out how I want to pay for gas now because previously I always used my debit card as a credit card.  I don't like running up debt on credit cards.  But lately I've been using it.

But I don't want to!   And I really really don't want to have to go inside the gas station to pay every time.  Plus, the news this week reports that's not even safer now as not only are there skimmers and readers, but hackers now have found ways to get malware into the stations payment SOFTWARE so they don't need skimmers or readers.  When it's in the software through uploaded malware, it's capturing everything through the computer program.

I also have Apple Pay, which I've only used twice and that was to send money by text to a family member.  I've never actually used it to pay for something like gas at the pump and many gas stations aren't set up at the pump with the software to accept Apple Pay.  Others make you use their own app in order to use it.

GAH!  It shouldn't be this difficult!!!

Tonight my husband and I were talking about this.  And I pointed out how stupid it is to even HAVE debit cards if you can't use them.  I jokingly told him I'm going to go back to writing checks!  Good old fashioned CHECKS.  I'm just going to be an old lady and pull out my checkbook. Except so many young people working the registers don't even know what a check is anymore. They would probably just stand and stare at me.  (At least in the part of the country where I currently live.  Not the brightest teens in this part of the country). 

Most places will run it through electronically and hand you the piece of paper back.  But... it would be safer than using my debit card, right?

My husband pays for his gas with cash. 
Every paycheck he takes out cash at the bank ATM that morning;  enough for 2 weeks worth of gas.  And he goes inside and pays with cash.  Every. Time.

A pain in the butt and waste of time but guess what?

He's never had his debit card hacked.



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