Rambling Over Coffee: bringing the men's sleep shirts back, one man at a time

You know, I really should have linked to a bunch of Christmas gift ideas on Amazon in my last post, since it was the perfect post for that... but honestly I was just too busy trying to come up with a gift and I was too lazy tired to bother.

But here is an update... after a lot of overthinking it... I went with pajamas.

If you are new here and don't know what I'm talking about, I was trying to brainstorm what to get for a 91 year old man.

In the end, I opted to buy him really good quality flannel pajamas, which I'm hoping will keep him nice and toasty warm this long, cold winter.  I ordered them from The Vermont Country Catalog, but since I'm not an affiliate with them, and I AM with Amazon, here is a link to a pair on Amazon that are cheaper and are Hanes brand I believe.

Here is where my brain went down a different path though... and the second item I ordered for him as well.  And when I had finished with his order and went into the family room to tell my husband what 'we' got for his Dad for Christmas, he was totally happy and on-board with the men's flannel pajamas.  It was when I told him I also bought a Flannel Plaid Long Sleep Shirt for him that my husbands eyes squinted, his head cocked to the side a bit and the look I got was something akin to "What the hell would you do that for?  Seriously?  A sleep shirt?  Like, a nightgown for guys?"

Yep.  I did.

So I continued and I pointed out that Grandpa Joe in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory wore one... remember?

Yeah, he remembered.  So?  They're still weird.

And there were hundreds of positive reviews, and not just by old grandpa's.  Like, MANY guys wear sleep shirts!  Even young guys!

He looked dubious but didn't say anything.  He waited for me to continue.

And then I pointed out that years ago men wore sleep shirts all the time!  Obviously a lot of guys still do. So they must be comfortable.

Yeah, so?

I told him that being 91 years old, it's probably hard for him to lean over to do things like tying shoes and probably... putting on pants.  Because of lifting his legs to get them into the legs.  Obviously he can and does, but a sleepshirt would eliminate the need to do that!

In the end my husband, as usual, shook his head, smirked, and was ok with whatever I wanted to do.

And you know what?  About two weeks ago my own Dad was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I know he said in the mornings he struggles with trying to put his pants on (until his limbs loosen up and his medication kicks in) so you know what?  He might be getting a sleep shirt for his birthday this year too!  Ha ha.  So there.  :)

Rambling over coffee....  bringing the men's sleep shirts back, one man at a time.