Rambling Over Coffee: The Coffee I'm Currently Drinking is Dark Roast, Strong, Sumatra! - Why I've not been reviewing new coffee lately

This morning I was brewing my second cup of fresh, hot, strong, black coffee and it popped into my head that the visitors to CoffeeTalking.com looking for coffee reviews will have to use the search feature to look back over reviews because honestly, we've been pretty well set on the coffee we've been drinking and frankly, haven't wanted to drink anything else for quite a while.  And I've already talked about them a few times.

But because I was in the kitchen and my coffee and I had my phone in my hand, I snapped a couple quick pictures literally as I was standing there.  So this is my kitchen morning, showing you (literally) what we are currently drinking the most of.....

Starbucks Sumatra

It's dark.  It's strong.  And as much as I really hate to give Starbucks my money... I do because we really like their Sumatra version.  When I do buy another brand or coffee blend, we (my husband and I) both end up remarking that we like the Sumatra better and I go back to buying it on the next grocery trip.

I did notice Amazon has their own version of Sumatra - which is organic and fair trade but I've not tried it yet. 

AmazonFresh 80 Ct. Organic Fair Trade K-Cups, Sumatra Dark Roast, Keurig K-Cup Brewer Compatible

Here is my kitchen this morning - real - didn't move a thing.  Just snapped a couple photos as my coffee brewed.

Here is the k-cup holder on the side counter (between my iced coffee machine a Hamilton Beach regular coffee brewer - both of which are on my COFFEEMAKERS I PERSONALLY OWN page above).

My husband sometimes grabs from this k-cup dispenser if the one next to the single-cup brewer is out.  This dispenser spins and the other side I've always kept options in for guests.  The other side has a few tea k-cups, some hot chocolate k-cups, any flavored blends and some decaf.

This is next to the coffee maker in the kitchen my husband and guests use the most.  I keep it stocked with the to-go cups, lids, insulators to slip over hot cups, and then some sweetener and creamer choices for those who use them.  (I've already reviewed this little coffee set up as well on CoffeeTalking but you can find it and other similar, bigger, smaller, other brands on Amazon, where I got mine.)

Mostly it's been dark, strong, hot Sumatra (made even strong because I brew my k-cup at just 6 oz. size) but when it's been really cold out, wintery out or when I had my cold/flu I enjoyed the peppermint bark flavored coffee.  Generally speaking I don't do flavored coffee though, so this is about the only one I drink, and only once in a while.

In our pantry I keep the box we use to refill the k-cup dispenser, the coffee condiment organizer AND the pretty rustic box I keep MY coffee in - which is in my office, next to the coffee brewer I typically use.

You can see we buy our k-cups in the bulk boxes, and always have one 'open' with a full spare behind it.

My husband did receive two boxes of coffee as Christmas gifts from an employee this year and they are names you would probably recognize at your local grocery store so perhaps I will do another review after all.  This week.  Watch for it!


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