Rambling Over Coffee: Half-Assing Christmas This Year

We all have phrases we picked up from our parents, and from my Dad, I grew up hearing the word "half-assed".  As in, "You did a half-assed job of that!"  "Don't do it half-assed, do it right!"

And half-assed is a pretty awesome description of how I think I'm doing Christmas this year.

done with little effort or care; incompetent or inadequate.
"a half-assed attempt to rectify the problem"

All of my adult life I've already had the tree up, decorations hung and started on the holiday cookies that can be made ahead and frozen by December 3rd.  This year?  Nope.

  • Is it the crazy warm weather we had that threw me off?
  • Living in a region that gets little to no snow and looks bald and Fallish instead of wintery?
  • The house guests that stayed with us for 7 weeks this Fall during their house remodel?
  • My husband and I being massively sick for the past 3 1/2 weeks since they've left? And still with sore throat, sniffling, coughing and dealing with exhaustion?
  • The fact that most of our extended family is 1000 miles away and won't be here this year to celebrate?
  • The bank card hack that gives me anxiety about spending money or using my cards for anything at all now?

Maybe a bit of everything?

But the fact is I have zero inclination to put up the tree, to decorate (even a wreath on the door... meh) or to start baking.  I haven't bought Christmas gifts and yeah, that gives me some anxiety since most will have to be sent this year and I'm behind the ball already by not having them already in hand, as the shipping dates get further and further out for most stores.  Not to mention having to schlep off to the post office and deal with sending.

My husband and I are both in the same frame of mind.

We don't really even want to bother with the tree. 

But... we have one family member that will be here to exchange gifts this year.  And I have to bake no matter what as I bake for the 100 employees of my husband.  And I know that at some point in the next couple weeks I'll get into the Christmas spirit and wish I had had decked the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la.

So last night I made my husband get the 12 foot tree out of the storage closet and drag the boxes into the living room.  They are staring at me this morning.  I'm still deciding if I'm going to do anything about them. The normal decking of the halls is not happening though.  I'm thinking a tree, a wreath and a ribboned basket to throw Christmas cards into might be the extent of the decorating this year.

I have the Christmas cookie list near by and I intend on making the ingredient 'shopping list' and possibly heading over to Walmart and the grocery store to get the ingredients for all the cookies and goodies I'll make. I have a pile of catalogs and an idea list of gifts for all the family and extended family members and I'm brainstorming a gift plan... with the intention of getting things ordered in the next few days.

I'm GOING to do it.
SOME of it anyway.
It may be half-assed, but it's something.