Rambling Over Coffee: I knew they were Mormon the second I saw the news headline and photo.... called it!

Just rambling over afternoon coffee....

Seriously, I glanced at some headlines, saw a headline about a missing couple of newlyweds that that married just weeks after the death of the groom's wife and I said out loud "I bet you they're Mormon!"  And they were.  LOL.

In the Mormon cult, marriages don't really matter all that much here on earth.  Divorce and marrying immediately after (and even death itself) is not a big deal as their wedding vows they make in the Temple are to their CHURCH - not each other.  They are nothing like a typical wedding or vows.  They actually don't even wear the gowns and suits you see in their wedding photos outside the temple.  Well, they wear them, but they are covered by the strange and weird temple veil, baker's hat and green apron's.

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But... the weddings are a completely different topic.

The important thing is that you are just promising to give everything you have to church, to give your time to the church, etc.  you are not making the same vows that everyone else in the world gives at their weddings (in pretty much every legit religion as well as court house weddings and weddings by anyone authorized to give them).  The important thing in the Mormon cult is that you get 'sealed' to each other for after death in the celestial kingdom.  You 'seal' yourself to your spouse and your kids and no matter what happens, who dies, who gets divorced, etc. it doesn't matter.  That woman is yours and assuming you give the special handshake and call her 'secret' name through the veil after death, she has to go to you and be yours forever, and you spend eternity making 'spiritual babies' to populate your own planet.  (The men get to be sealed to as many women as they want but a woman is forever sealed to her first husband.)

So you'll find that Mormon women try really hard to be perfect in looks, lifestyle and bowing to the authority of their husband and other males because it's their only way to get to the celestial kingdom (you can't get to the top level without a man calling your secret name... if you don't marry, you have spend eternity on one of the other lower levels).

You will find an unbelievably high number of Mormon men who divorce their wives or are widowed are often re-married within months (or weeks) of their spouses death or divorce.  

Yeah, it's strange to the rest of us... LOL.

Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/idaho-couple-wed-just-weeks-191736767.html

A newlywed couple in Idaho is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of the bride's two children, who haven't been seen since September.

Adding a layer of mystery to the case is the fact that the couple married just weeks after the death of the groom's wife, which is now being labeled as suspicious.

The Rexburg Police Department released a statement on Friday, saying they are investigating a possible connection between the September disappearance of Lori Vallow's two children, and the death of her new husband's wife in October.

Police say Vallow married Chad Daybell — a Mormon author who has written books about the end of the world — just weeks after his wife Tammy died of apparent "natural causes" on October 19. But Tammy's death is now being considered suspicious and her body has been exhumed to undergo further testing.

One of Vallow's relatives said she and Chad are in a "cult" that he described as a more radical offshoot of the Mormon faith.