Rambling Over Coffee: Little Trickles Still Coming In From the Debit Card Hack

I'm brewing my coffee right now, so I'm going to type quickly so I can drink it before it gets cold.  :)

Remember a few weeks ago, my bank card was hacked.
I found out the morning it was used, I called and got it reported immediately, then went in person to my bank that morning to have them shred my card and fill out the fraud paperwork.

The fallout is still ongoing...

After two of the 'pending transactions' had fallen off the account and everyone thought they wouldn't actually go through, they went through 2 days later.  So that was a new trip to the bank and filling out another form and submitting it.

The credit card services is extremely backed up right now due to all the fraud being perpetrated that it took almost 2 weeks to get to my first form and temporarily replaced the funds in my account.  This second one, I've not heard a thing yet.

But more importantly... the latest.

So that card and that number was deactivated in November.  The card was shredded.  The bank and VISA both said NOTHING could go through on it any longer.

Last week I got a recall notice from a membership warehouse that I had bought items on a food recall list and I needed to throw out anything I still had in our refrigerator and I needed to visit the store to get a refund.

I was at the store the next day anyway so I waited in the customer service line, then approached the employee and explained about the email they sent and the need for a refund.  She had NO IDEA what I was talking about.  So, I brought up the email on my phone and showed her.

Then I told her all my receipts are electronic (I use scan and go) so I didn't have paper copies but more importantly, the store's email doesn't tell me WHICH items I've bought, just tells me I've bought things being recalled and gave a list.

So the employee and I go through the last 6 weeks of receipts and we find 2 of the items listed.

By this time she is being really (really) bitchy.  She is sighing dramatically.  She is giving herself pep-talks out loud... "Just keep smiling"  "Just keep smiling"  "Just be happy"  (WTF???)  and basically blaming me for her having to take so long to look up the items and do a refund.

She even went so far as to stop and look at the line waiting and yell out to them how SORRY she is for this and how SORRY SHE IS IT IS TAKING SO LONG.

As if it's my fault?  As if taking 5 minutes to help me is a huge inconvenience - when I would say having to return to the store and wait in line and get a stupid refund is a huge inconvenience to ME TOO.

So she suddenly says she found the first and while hitting buttons on the register she FINISHES the transaction and quickly mumbles AFTER ITS DONE "Is this ok to put back on your card, ok I put this back on your card, it's done"   (ALL IN ONE SENTENCE) and without asking me first....  and I say:  "I'm pretty sure that card used is the one that was hacked and I don't have it anymore.

Oh boy she was pissed.

But since I had been nothing but friendly, polite, patient and helpful during all this and she had been impatient and bitchy, I did decide to point out "Well, had you asked me which card it was going back on or gave me the chance to tell you BEFORE you did it without asking me, I could have told you."

And I pulled out my card and showed her I had to get a new card after that one was hacked.  I no longer have it.

She was soooo not happy.  But... her own fault.

So she rushed through and found the second the item and said she would just do a cash return and get it over with and done so she could get on with helping 'all those other people in line".

A whole, whopping $7.50.

So I got my seven dollars in cash and she made a production about calling for the "NEXT PERSON!"  and they made a production about kissing her ass and saying "You're still smiling!  Good for you!"

Hello?  I was completely patient, nice, kind and polite through that whole damn thing. It's not like I took up 10 minutes or was a difficult customer, or was impatient or mean or anything. 

But I took my seven bucks and went and spent another $200 on groceries and left.

End of story?


This morning I see (almost a week later) the initial $4 credit DID GO THROUGH on my card.

The card the bank and VISA told me couldn't be used in any way by anyone at this point (3 weeks since the hack).  Supposedly no charges or credits could come through on it... but one just did.

So... now I was just given $4 too much by the grocery store and I want to go back and explain to them this credit shouldn't have been able to go back on my disabled card, but it did, and I want to return the $4.

Somehow I think they may be SO confused by the whole thing, it would just make a bigger mess.