Rambling over Coffee: Meh, Just The News Again

This morning, I've got so much to do... and running out of time to do it!
But first, coffee.
On cup number 2 right now and while I wanted to skim the news headlines to see what was going on in the world, I'm inundated with political news I'm just so sick of that I refuse to even give it a piece of my day... of my time. Instead, I skimmed for other headlines.

Ransomware attacks hit 4 U.S. cities this month

- alarming on so many levels, but one of the attacks was focused on the sheriff's department. It also took out the phone lines, not just the website or payment options.  Think about it... you have an emergency - your newborn is seizing, your toddler choking, your child is missing, your elderly spouse just feel and broke their hip, your father is having a heart attack....   and some group overseas has hijacked your local emergency responders communications.  The articles don't say whether the cities or groups paid the ransomware demands, but I hope they didn't.  Because if they did, it's just going to make the problem worse and invite more groups to do this on a larger scale.  You would think by now computer security would be top-notch and the highest priority.  Too bad the country isn't working together to tackle this... but instead small security safety groups are selling their service to the highest bidder.


San Francisco homeless crisis worsens as people poop in stores, bite workers

 I've been watching the poop happen more and more over the past 3 years or so.  It's becoming a thing.  Not just homelessness, but as we are inundated with people from other cultures that come here and unlike in generations past, refuse to even begin to acclimate to the culture.  One that stands out is the video of a woman in a large, well known department store who was standing near the elevators, opened her legs, dropped her poo and walked away like it was the most natural thing in the world.  And I guess back in India, maybe it was.  

Justin Timberlake draws mixed reactions after commenting on Jessica Biel's Instagram post

Couples that need to play out their relationship on social media for their fans usually end up breaking up. 

There Are No Children Here. Just Lots of Life-Size Dolls

This was 'sad' at first, then when I saw a couple of the photos it became 'creepy' and then got 'sad' again... but in the end was back to 'creepy' as the residents have started to drive around with them in their passenger seats and such.

Jersey City education official who called Jews ‘brutes’ in Facebook post is urged to resign

Note - this woman will get away with her hatred and bigotry.  She's black.  Right now you can do and say whatever you want against the Jewish, Catholic, white males, Republicans and people who support our current President.  Violence, bulling, name calling, assaults... it's all fair game as long as it's not to any of the current ilk leading the hatred and bullying.

Mary Tyler Moore was 'devastated,’ plagued with guilt over her son’s tragic death, book claims

I didn't even know she had a son.  But I never was a fan of hers, don't know much about her and never cared.  I recall seeing some of her shows episodes when I was really little, but she had a nasal-squeaky voice and both she and the blonde 'best friend' were so irritating to me as a child, I never really watched.  So... therefore, I knew nothing about her life.

Wedding crashers beat groom to death during reception, police say

I think I'm just going to leave this one right here.   Not say much.

Russian spy ship displaying "unsafe" behavior off U.S. coast

This is what our leaders should be paying attention to right now.  If Democrats weren't so butt-hurt over that crook not becoming President a couple years ago, and would just get over it and start to focus their energy on what is important - then I would feel much better.  The internal fighting going on between the leaders of our country is being taken advantage of by countries who know they are so busy fighting like 3 year olds throwing temper tantrums that no one is watching what they should be.


Former Victoria’s Secret model Nicole Weider explains why she gave up her career for God

At first I thought this was an update to the other VS model that gave up modeling for her faith.  I have no idea of names because I really don't care enough to look it up; but I think she was married to a guy who was in sports.  Maybe baseball?  I recall her saying her body was for her husband, not other men.  This wasn't an update to her though.  I think this was another woman.  She realized she was always being told she wasn't good enough - not skinny enough - didn't look good enough - and she wised up.

Seattle-area homeless director resigns after transgender dancer strips, twerks and gives lap dances at annual conference

This...  Well... I'm not going to even start on this one.  Disgusting.  Where are the morals, ethics, the COMMON SENSE anymore??  More importantly... can we ever get it back?


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