Rambling Over Coffee: THE MOST HATED WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (... might be 'moist' but I have 3 others I hate!)

With over a quarter million words in the English language, words like phlegm and mucous are pretty well hated by a majority, but as most people know, the winner seems to be the word "moist".

Although the obvious much-hated words such as phlegm, mucous and moist are irritating to a majority of people, there are many words that make me cringe inwardly (and often, outwardly) when I hear them being used in day to day conversations.  I also cringe, or make a face or shake my head when I read them used online - blogs, Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

The thing is, many (dare I say most?) people don't seem to have an problems or issues with these words... but I do.  I hate them.  I hate hearing them, reading them, and I can't stand they are even used at all.

So what are some of these words that make me irritated to read or hear them?

  • Brekky.
  • Sammich.
  • Bradgelina or ANY other mushing together of two peoples' names into one moniker.

Just fucking say BREAKFAST.
And it's SANDWICH, not 'sammich' or the awful "sammy".  Really?  Sammy?

I'm sure there are a lot more, if I try to think about them but those three (3) are at the top of my list at all times.

the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages, especially when produced in excessive or abnormal quantities, e.g., when someone is suffering from a cold.