Rambling Over Coffee: Never, Ever, Ever Use UPS for DOCUMENT DELIVERY. They obviously suck.

Just a little vent over coffee...  not angry, but yes, disappointed and frustrated.  Upset for my oldest daughter.

They are in the middle of selling their home.  A relocation across many states, which they had to be in the new area last month so they would be closing on the house through 'the mail'.  I was wondering quietly if she meant email electronic signatures or... what?  Because surely they wouldn't be sending an inch high pile of important papers back and forth through the mail trying to close would they?

They would.

I told her when we did two of our previous relocations we couldn't be there for the closing either but they had us sign papers ahead of time - no dates - and we signed a paper giving our realtor permission to act on our behalf.  I THOUGHT this would be what they would do but apparently her previous state (which is perhaps the most unbelievably screwed up, jacked up, weird, odd, backwoods, unorganized, outdated and messed up state in everything - literally everything - that I've ever seen, visited or lived in  in my entire life) ....  this is how they do things.  

They were supposed to close on the house on Monday.  The papers were supposed to have been delivered to my daughter and her husband on Saturday.  They were to sign, have notarized, and overnight them back in time to close Monday morning.

The papers never showed up.
No one had any answers.
The realtor and the title company were both shrugging their shoulders.
DD was waiting... and getting frustrated.

Just ONE MORE THING in this entire, huge, horrible and messy relocation and house selling. 

She waited.  They didn't show up on Monday either!  No one knew where they were.  
Yesterday morning as she was promised once again that the papers should be delivered that day (Tuesday by now) - she was finally given a tracking number so she looked it up and......

We found through tracking that the housing papers had made it to her city on the 14th and were scanned in... and then completely ignored and forgotten for THREE DAYS.

At the time, the realtor and title company, etc. were saying the delay of delivery must be bad weather related... they were guessing.  But once our daughter had a tracking number and started to research, it became obvious that someone at UPS screwed up.  But I'm also thinking, why did they use UPS? 
They are better known for large package delivery and FedEx is better at document and small electronic delivery.  Hmmm.

But if something can go wrong for this daughter and her husband... it will.

So it sat there from the 14th through the 17th and finally, someone re-scanned it and it went out for delivery. Not by noon like they promised, but arriving at 1:45 pm.

They got the closing papers, rushed off to get them notarized at the UPS store and then spent the $80 to resend them OVERNIGHT so they would be there this morning for the closing to happen at 2:00 pm today.

And... of course, what did DD see this morning?


No reason given but fairly obvious.  UPS is so busy delivering boxes and packages for the holidays, they are backed up.

But here is the deal....


For pete's sake, it's obvious it's important papers.
The $80 delivery fee was paid BOTH WAYS for overnight delivery.
A far cry from the $10 shipping fee for those toys on a 4-5 day delivery that are bumping back an important, highly paid for document delivery.

This isn't just a Christmas gift that's needed next week.


And UPS has screwed around for a WEEK now with delay after delay.

Yet they've made $160 for NOTHING.

... and at this point, at 9:20 am, the documents are 'no where' and only listed as delayed.  But with no notation of WHERE or WHY or WHEN things can be expected.

So we are thinking the 2:00 pm closing isn't going to happen.
Just like the original closing that was supposed to happen 2 days ago didn't happen.

All because of UPS.