Rambling Over Coffee: Reading the Morning News Headlines

Over the past two years I've found myself avoiding news more than reading it.
News isn't...well, news anymore.
Instead, it all seems to be written as if the so-called journalists were bloggers.  It's gone from unbiased fact reporting to basically what could and should be considered editorials.  Also, a lot of lies and misinformation (publish first, add a tiny little hidden retraction later if forced to) and the bullying... oh my.  I think 2019 was a year of not only news media blatant lies but bullying.  I don't know if we can return to legitimate, honest, fact filled and truthful news at this point.  Perhaps the pendulum has swung too far.

Oh, here I am rambling over coffee and I'm not even to the topic!  HA!  So I rarely READ the news articles.  Most of the time it's sufficient to skim headlines.  It keeps my blood pressure down.  *grin*

And this morning, being up bright and early (3:15 am, actually) I am looking at a bunch of headlines from various news sources and my initial thoughts - thinking and commenting to myself.

Philip McKeon, former child actor, dead at 55

Oh man. I remember I had a crush on him when I was really little!  I had forgotten all about him.  Wow.  So young.

9-year-old prodigy leaves university without graduating

This poor kid. I don't care how smart you are, no 9 year old should be in college.  Kids need to be kids.  KIDS.  Emotionally and physically kids.  You have one shot at life and you can never get your childhood back again... doesn't matter how smart you are, it all equals out by the time you are in your 20's and 30's.  Life isn't about how quickly you can graduate college.  Little 9 year olds are still children...  plus, college is part of maturing.  It's a stage of life that comes at the right time.  The entire college experience is part of a bigger picture in life... and certainly not for a little 9 year old who may be intelligent but is still.... nine. 

House Dem lays out plan to go after Trump again if he wins in 2020, imagines party controlling Senate

Disgusting. This proves it's a sham (which we know anyway). I'm not even a fan of the President, but the behavior of our countries democratic 'leaders' in the past 3 years has been nothing short of disgusting. Already saying you are going to impeach him if he wins 2020? Proving you have no grounds for impeachment, you're just pissed because a Republican businessman won the presidency. Get over it! I hope that the next Democratic president is held under the scrutiny of our current leader. Our previous and former president would be in prison right now if he had been....

Pigeons in tiny cowboy hats are a mystery in Las Vegas

I don't know the story behind these, but they are so cute!  Ha.  It's nice to see a story that isn't awful or going for shock and awe headlines.

City's 'poor street conditions' send tech show to Vegas after two decades

It's funny how deplorable, pathetic and awful San Francisco is... yet the people of that city are so self-important, so liberal and so damn stuck on themselves they can't see the forest for the trees. I shake my head and let the comments slide from my good friends and my relatives that live there... because I love them. But they are so, so blind!

Desperate woman punches mountain lion as it attacks, later eats dog: 'She could hear her baby 

This headline pisses me off. It sounds like she had an actual baby who was dying and that her dog was killed as well. NO. She was calling her little yappy dog her 'baby' which is a major pet peeve. A canine is not your baby. It's your dog. No matter how much you 'love' your animals they are not babies. And the misleading headline makes it sound like a mountain lion attacked a real baby. Stupid 'shock' headlines to make you click.

Concierge who killed 2 doctors booted from court after taunting family

I read the little 'blurb' under this one and oh it turns my stomach.  He taunted them by saying "Do you want to know what his last words were?"  I keep putting myself in their position.  What a horrible thing to say to a family....