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This morning as I read the news (avoiding all things political and filled with hate) I ended up reading some celebrity news.  That led to clicking on a link, to a link, to a link and I read an 'older' article from last year but as I glanced over it, there is one line that jumped out at me for two reasons.  

First, here is a snippet of it;
"As children, we often hear comments that resonate one way or another and may impact decisions we make later in life.

Jennifer Aniston says she had one such impactful moment when she was 11 years old that remains a cornerstone of her sense of power today.

“I remember a parental figure saying to me around the critical age of about 11, after a dinner party, that I was excused from the table because I didn’t have anything interesting to add to the conversation,” Aniston said Friday at Variety’s Power of Women event.

“Ouch. It stuck to me, it stuck to me like painfully worded sentences can and if I’m being honest — and I’m being honest because I’m 50 and that comes with the territory — I carried that sentence with me into adulthood.”

"I carried that sentence with me
into adulthood."

... carried that sentence with me into adulthood.

The second I read that sentence, it had an effect on me.  Not only because it was pretty good "ponder over coffee" sentence and I like to find one of those each morning, but also because I INSTANTLY knew what my carried with me into adulthood sentence was.  Without even having to think for a moment, I had one ready and on the tip of my tongue.

My sentence....

Two days ago, when family was over for our Christmas celebration, the conversation turned to a young twenty-something female happily remarking that her butt had gotten bigger!  Yay!  She was so excited.

And thanks to the Kardashians, big butts became a 'thing' a few years back and they've stayed.  An odd body fad for those of us from the late 80's and 90's when we tried everything to NOT have a butt.  Curves are cool now but back when I was doing the 'teen' and 'twenties' thing, it was cool to be really thin.

THIS is body we wanted back then....  Thin all over and certainly NO butt.

And now, thin WITH a big booty is in.....  we would have cried our eyes out back then to be sporting this behind and there is NO WAY it would have fit in the jeans we wore in the 80's and 90's!

When she remarked she was so excited her butt had gotten bigger, I smirked and shook my head.  I told her as a kid of the 80's, we tried everything to have a tiny butt!

You did NOT want a butt back then. Tiny little bodies and tiny little butts were the thing in the 80's.

And that conversation ties in with the first part of this post;  The sentence that you carried with you into adulthood.

I am not sure of my exact age but it would have been around the age of 11... give or take.
It was the end of May and I was wearing white shorts and a pink shirt.  I was standing at the counter eating something or other.  If it was on the counter it was probably cake.  The only other person in the kitchen with me was my Dad, who was sitting at the dining room table reading.

As I stood there eating cake, he looked up and remarked to me that I better stop eating so much cake or I would get fat.  Then as I looked over to him, he went on to add;  "Your butt's getting big.  And boys don't like big butts."

That sentence about my butt getting fat is a sentence I carried with me into adulthood.
It didn't deeply effect me where it screwed up my brain or caused me to have eating disorders or anything really... but I certainly remember it.

Genetically I've always been destined to have a bigger backside... one of my siblings has the same butt. Not much we can about that.  But in the 80's it wasn't cool.

Below:  Me in the white pants and red shirt with the roller skates.

Me and my what-was-considered-BIG butt back in the 80's.

But in the 1980's and into the 90's a big backside was NOT AT ALL fashionable and you worked your 'butt off' doing aerobics to try to have the tiniest, little bitty flat butt that you could.

(Just check out some of the early Friends episodes!  Those first few seasons... see how thin Rachel and Monica were?  Yep.  That was the look!)

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