Rambling Over Coffee: What to get a 91 year old man for Christmas? Sigh.

Online tonight with a goal...
A gift for a 91 year old man.

Through the years we've got him various things. Over the years it's been a new comforter, sheets and curtains.  Another year was a bread machine.  A coffee maker. Socks and handkerchiefs. Games and puzzles. Movies. Stationary, envelopes and stamps.
Four years ago we got him gift cards for his local grocery store.
Three years ago I used a relative that lives near him to be my accomplice. I bought him 10 of his favorite pizzas from his local pizza restaurant and had them delivered and put into his freezer.
Two years ago he wanted (and received) a new winter hat, gloves, a belt, etc.
Last year I got him grocery delivery from Schwans (which he loves, as he is from an era when their food was special, different and an expensive splurge.  It was also back when it was a family owned company out of a little town in Minnesota.  Now it's owned by foreigners (Korea)... sigh.  So sad when American sell out to overseas investors).

This year... it's December 12th and I'm still stuck.

Gift basket?
Audio Books?

.... I need to think of something tonight and get something ordered.