Rambling Over Coffee: BUT FIRST, COFFEE - Where am I at on the whole Christmas thing?

As of December 1st I hadn't given any thought to Christmas.

Not to decorating, baking, our schedules, Christmas cards or gifts! Talk about a mini-anxiety attack.  I didn't see December 1st sneaking up on me so quickly!

But I got my butt in gear and today, the 9th, I'm just a tiny bit behind where I'd like to be but it's not bad.

Most of the anxiety comes from having to ship so many gifts this year.

Due to "LIFE" we won't be able to celebrate with 2 of our adult kids and their families (nor any of the grandparents) so gifts have to be bought, wrapped and sent at an exorbitant shipping fee, or bought online and shipped to them.  And therein lies the problem!  Because so many companies are woefully behind and if you try ordering something after about December 6th there is a fairly good chance it's going to be delivered a day or two after Christmas, or they are going to wait a full week or more before letting you know the item is 'out of stock' after all and they are going to cancel and refund your order.

Which leaves you in a lurch.

(2 years ago I had ordered things December 4th and they didn't show up ontil the 26th and 29th!  And last year I had a company 'forget' to tell me they weren't going to fulfill my order of 3 items because they were out of stock... they didn't let me know until I contacted THEM to ask and by that time it was too late to find it elsewhere. My daughter also ordered something official sports related on December 2nd and it wasn't delivered until January... so, yeah.  Some stress only because these things are out of our hands and we have no control.  Let's not forget 2 years ago when two of my items were mis-delivered by the post office to the wrong house and the lady KEPT THEM and tried to steal them - and lied when the postal worker went to her house to ask for them back.) 

Over the past week (especially this weekend) I'm relieved to find I'm about half done at this point.

Today my plans are to make my list and see if I can knock out some of the items...  Sam's Club, Publix, Target, Walmart and AtHome should do it.

But first... coffee.

First I Drink The Coffee Then I Do The Things

But First Coffee Wall Decor