Rambling Over Coffee: Which Would You Rather? Snow or Mosquitoes?

Just brewed a cup of fresh coffee - (Peppermint Bark). 

Random Chit Chat over Coffee at the Kitchen Table....

One of my kids lives up North.  This morning he texted me to say that it snowed all day yesterday, and he sent a video of him pushing a ruler into the snow - they got a full foot of fresh snow yesterday on top of what they already had.  (They were supposed to get 14-16 inches so they got less than they expected and snow is really not a big deal there because hello?  It's winter.  Snow happens.) 

BUT it's relevant to my smart-ass son's quick wit so you had to have the background story.
Because he knows I hate snow. 
After being born and raised in it and spending over half my life in it, I moved to get away from it. 
I despise snow, ice and cold.

So he sends me this 'good morning' text and photo and I chuckle and offer my condolences. 
I tell him it's funny because last night his Grandma called me on my 'old' cell phone which gets lousy service so I have to go outside and find a sweet spot and stand there, as long as the reception lasts, in order to get through the phone call.  And my mother's calls are never on topic and never short. 

And I finally had to cut in numerous times and beg off because I really, really had to get back inside the house as I was getting ate up by mosquitoes. 

I found humor in the fact that while my son was getting a foot of fresh snow, I was outside at 8:30 pm in shorts and a t-shirt, and my legs were getting attacked by mosquitoes.

His immediate response?  "Well, you'd love all this snow then!  No mosquitoes!"