Rambling Over Coffee: The missing package that wasn't missing at all

Readers that check this page numerous times a day (yep, there are a few that do, lol) may have seen a post I left up briefly the other night, but then took down.  I took it down because soon after posting, there were updates and the whole scenario changed.  So I took it down, and then wasn't going to bother with it but this morning, I'm TOTALLY PROCRASTINATING getting anything done on my stupid, way-too-long "TO DO" list so I was thinking I would come to It's Just the Coffee Talking and write... something.  I didn't know what. I just didn't want to get started on my day.

But what the heck, I'll tell you guys about this over morning coffee.

Remember this post from a week and a half ago?

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CJ128J1/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07CJ128J1&linkCode=as2&tag=justthecoffee-20&linkId=3a7e5a1c657492a6d456372fd16fca6bRambling Over Coffee: bringing the men's sleep shirts back, one man at a time

In this post, I was trying to brainstorm ideas for an elderly relative.  He has most of what he needs, he's active, healthy, alert, lives alone on his farmland in the country in a very safe, small town locale.  He's been in his current home for about 45 years and doesn't really 'need' much, so birthdays and Christmas are a struggle to find gifts for him.

This part is kind of important to the backstory of today's post:

Backstory:  Last year we opted to do a frozen food grocery delivery to him.  It's bitter cold, icy and snowy where he lives.  Blizzards and road drifts are common place all winter.  So we decided to get him a bunch of meals from Schwans, which is a popular home delivery service up North. They deliver the food in a large styrofoam container with dry ice.  This year we thought about doing the 'same thing' but really, didn't want to do the 'same thing'.  Plus, last year he sounded like he liked the gift, but he also complained that it was hard to find "space" for it in his already full deep freezer.  Ummm ok.  So apparently he has enough food if his freezer is that full.

This year, I posted in the link above, we opted for good quality, warm flannel pajamas and a sleep shirt.  (I didn't actually buy them from Amazon, I just used their link for image purposes).  I got them from Vermont Country Catalog.


When I got the order update email it stated the package would be delivered to him on Tuesday the 17th.

I email him and tell him to expect a package from us Tuesday the 17th.
We email back a couple times over the next night/day with pleasantries, plans for the holidays, etc.
I remind him the package is coming the 17th and how glad I am that he will still be home then, so he can open it and get some use out of our gift before he leaves for his Christmas holiday at my sister-in-laws home.  He'll be gone for a week so I'm happy he will be home to get the gift and use it before he travels. I asked him to let me know when the package arrives on... wait for it...  - Tuesday, the 17th!

On Tuesday (Tuesday the 17th!) I didn't hear from him.
So I waited, thinking perhaps the delivery would be a day later... I know they are so backed up this time of year.

On Wednesday afternoon I checked my order status on the website and it stated the the delivery had been made as planned - Tuesday, the 17th at 11:34 am.

Later that afternoon I emailed him.  I excitedly told him I got the notification that the package had been delivered, and after he opened it, let me know as I had a funny story to tell him about my husband and my conversations about his gift.

He emailed me back right away and told me he had not received the package yet.

I double checked my order.
Yes, it was delivered on Tuesday the 17th, just as it was supposed to be.
I mentioned to him that it says it was delivered to the front door.

He emailed me back and said he did NOT get a package.  Then he emailed me a few minutes later and said he checked the front AND back doors.  There were NO packages there, no matter what I've been told.

Ok... well... crap.

So I tell him I will immediately contact the delivery company AND the catalog company and let them know the delivery is missing.  I told him I would update him when I find out something.

Now you have to realize... there is almost NO WAY a package could go missing to him.
This is a small town in the midwest.  He lives in the country and the nearest town to him is a  total population of.... 60.
Yes. SIXTY. 6-0.
And the next nearest town to him is a population of 800.
YES.  800.
And the 'BIG' town he travels to for appointments and banking is 20 minutes away and is a population of about 3,000.
There is no crime to speak of within 30 minutes of his house.
He's lived here for 45 years and the delivery drivers know him and his house so misdelivery is not likely.
He lives up a long driveway to his farm and you can't see his door from the road and no one would drive these old gravel roads looking for packages on porches anyway.  They could drive around all day for two weeks before they would even happen to see one but even then, most of the people in this area are farmers or retired who are home ALL THE TIME.

So the best my husband and I could think of is maybe a dog ran up and stole it from the front door and took off with it. 

The only other scenario would be the delivery driver was brand new or a substitute and dropped it off at the wrong farm (not likely in this area).

After I verified ONE LAST TIME before I started to call the company, that he absolutely did not get a package, THIS IS THE EMAIL HE SENT ME.

He was ADAMANT he did not and even got a little snarky about it.

"... regardless what anyone tells you..."

Ok then.



And I had to go through the hassle of the automated system and then waiting and then... someone whose first language is NOT English.  Sigh.

But I get it done and we start an investigation.
Then I email the company customer service.  I tell them the situation and that the delivery company is investigating it, but I wanted to let them know the package is missing so they could note it on my order.  That I would let them know updates and I may have to quickly re-order it if it's not tracked down right away.

Almost immediately after I am FINISHED making those calls and emails and the investigation to the missing package is underway.....

My phone rings.
It's him on the caller ID.
I answer and....

He tells me that he DID get a package on....  (you know it by now), Tuesday the 17th.

But it wasn't a styrofoam container with dry ice and frozen meals in it with 'Schwans' stamped on the side like he got from us last year.....


He continued....

"Yeah, so it was a package from 'The Vermont Country Store'....  and since it didn't have SCHWANS stamped on it and it didn't have your name as the sender, I just put aside."

Again... WTF????

So I tell him a package is being delivered on Tuesday, the 17th.
He GETS a package on Tuesday the 17th.
He sets it aside because it's not a big box that is exactly, precisely like we sent last year and doesn't even bother opening it  at all (WHO DOES THIS?)

And then the NEXT DAY when I ask him if he GOT a package delivered he says... NO. NOTHING.

NO packages.  None.  Not one.

And gets belligerent when I insist the company says a package was delivered on Tuesday the 17th at 11:34 am to his front door.


 .... and when I called FedEx back I got someone who could not speak English hardly at all.  And she could ONLY FOLLOW A SCRIPT so when I kept telling her I needed to UPDATE the situation and we did not need the investigation any longer, she couldn't understand what I meant.  I finally told her I knew English was not her first language, I knew she didn't know what to do because I wasn't following her script, but I just needed to let them know I did not need to continue with my missing package report....  and she followed her script anyway and was telling me how sorry she was the package is missing and blah blah blah.

So I had to hang up and yeah, they are probably trying to locate a package that was delivered after all, but they are the ones hiring customer service reps from overseas and wasting their own time and money so ... whatever.

Just me... rambling over morning coffee with random chit chat.  You can ignore me.  LOL.  
..... It's just the coffee talking again.

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