Why would you let your kid be in charge of the family passports, anyway?

Family lands in Switzerland and realize they left passports on plane: 'We are just stuck now'

Source:  https://www.foxnews.com/travel/passports-forgotten-plane-easyjet

So, avoiding any and all political news, I skimmed headlines and saw a story about a family stranded in Switzerland after they 'forgot' their passports on the plane.

Before reading the news story I was thinking to myself;  how could you possibly forget them on a plane?  Seriously?  The whole family?  Typically your passports would be in your carry-on luggage, a purse, a pocket.

So I read the story and it got even stupider.

From the way it sounds, the young daughter (A CHILD) was in charge of the passports.
She 'forgot about them' and when she remembered she left them on the plane, they were already in line and needed them, but she was too afraid to speak up.

What?  You left a CHILD in charge of your whole family's passports?

And then they said they were forgotten in the SEAT POCKET of the seat in front of them.


....  ok I admit, I have to wonder if this woman planned this because she knew she and her little family would get their 15 minutes of fame.  

And they are.