5 news stories - blogging with a Cosmo in me and I haven't ate yet today so..... blogging tipsy, a little, I think

Those of you who read Coffee Talking know I'm not a drinker... I don't like the taste of alcohol so it's just not an issue to me.  But I do like cranberry juice and while making dinner I suddenly thought to myself "isn't a Cosmo made with vodka and cranberry juice?"  and I asked Siri... and she said it was.  So I whipped up a version of it (I think) with vodka, cranberry juice, some triple sec and a little lime juice.  Enjoyed a glass of it while I finished hitting the timer on the Instant Pot and came in to the office to read the news while The Husband is downstairs working out.


Wow.  It hit me.
I didn't eat yet today (busy running errands) and right now my tongue is numb, my arms and fingers are numb and I'm having a heck of a time typing this... having to go back a hundred times to correct typos.  So, what better time to read the news, right?

First:  with Brad and Jen being all nice to each other at the awards show last weekend and all, this article popped up - but how interesting!  I didn't know he had been dating some of them and even engaged a FEW times.  He really does belong with Jen though... he really does.

Brad Pitt's dating history: The many famous women he's been romantically linked with over the years https://fxn.ws/3aFbqmw 

This vagina scented candle thing...  well, sold out just because, uh, hello?  Everyone is wondering what the heck does a vagina scented candle smell like, anyway?  Not because it's an awesome candle.  Although it might be.  I don't know.  I'm not shelling out $75-$250 to find out.

Gwyneth Paltrow 'vagina-scented' candle woos Elton John https://fxn.ws/2Gxvl9b

Let's see.  OH!  This woman.  How gross!!!  And it's not like it's a one time emergency situation.  Nope.  Been doing this regularly ALL THE TIME since at least October.  If you poo in public, shame on you.  Seriously.  SHAME on you.

Massachusetts serial pooper arrested after police catch her defecating in parking lot: reports https://fxn.ws/2NWJmkz

This story has been in the news for quite some time but you know what?  I'm SICK of this grandfather.  He's an ass.  He screwed up.  He held his granddaughter up to look out the window and accidentally dropped her.  She passed away.  He fucked up.  Big time.  And he's been lying through his teeth trying to blame the cruise company ever since.  Which I GET.  Because I'm sure he feels like crap.  But this family needs to accept the fact the grandfather screwed up... and stop.  It's awful, horrible and stomach turning... but he obviously messed up and it seems he really did know the window was open.  He was just lifting her to lean out or sit in the window like many people WOULD but accidentally dropped her.  It sucks, but they really need to stop trying to place blame where it doesn't belong.  Are they just seeing dollar signs at this point???????

Family attorney for toddler who died falling from cruise ship says Royal Caribbean has been ‘giving a false narrative since day one’ https://video.foxnews.com/v/6126360159001


Jennifer Aniston reveals her first celebrity crush and kiss https://fxn.ws/38NyaPx #FoxNews

Do you remember your first celebrity crush?  I can't say crush and kiss together because as a kid growing up two thousand miles from Hollywood, I obviously never kissed a celebrity crush.  But I DO know my first celebrity crush... and my first 'real' kiss.

Celebrity crush was a big one... a huge crush.  It was C. Thomas Howell. 

I also crushed hard on Kevin Kubusheskie - anyone remember "You Can't Do That On Television" ?

My first 'real' kiss though - a guy named Chris.  Boyfriend.  8th grade.  Not a celebrity.  LOL.


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