Blue Sky WIRELESS Lightning Power Bank - They DO WORK but there is a hidden power button!

At Christmas, my husband had picked up an 'impulse' buy for me, one of our daughters and her husband.  They were awesome little powerpack chargers for our cellphones.  Called Blue Sky WIRELESS Micro USB; USB-C; Lightning Power Bank - or - "Insta Powerbank", a universale mobile phone charger.

It was a really thoughtfull gift considering I'm often hiking or camping and I was really excited to have this in my purse (backpack... I don't actually carry a purse).  But until today, I hadn't had to use it.  While waiting for a family member, I was on my cellphone in the waiting room, and ran my phone down to 48% even before we ran errands.  Oops.  No problem!  I remembered the Blue Sky powerpack charger in my purse!

I opened it, chose the correct adapter for my phone (it's universal so you have 3 to choose from) and plugged it in.


I unplugged it, tried again.  And again.  Upside down? Wiggle it? Plug it in and lock and unlock it?


Not working.

I was pretty bummed.  

When I got home I changed out the batteries... tried again and... nothing.

I jumped online and looked them up to see if others had this problem and what I found was a bunch of bad reviews for it... with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM; until I found one hidden among the rest that pointed out what should be obvious but wasn't...


You can see I circled it in the top photo.
This is really poor product design!  There is nothing to indicate it's there, it's not marked or colored.  
As a matter of fact there is apparently a tiny little ON OFF printed on the SIDE of the power pack but it's also not colored, it's tiny and I did not even notice this until AFTER I took the photo below and blew it up in a photo edit box to put a watermark for CoffeeTalking on it.  

That's the first time I noticed.

Once you turn on the power button, you'll see a little red light light up.

It's an AWESOME little powerpack once you figure out there is a little power button.  This is important because their directions don't tell you this!

The directions say to open, choose your USB connector, plug it and it 'automatically' starts to charge.  They neglect to mention the little power button and you seriously don't even know it's there!

Once I turned it on and plugged it in, it actually charged really quick!  It was up 1% in less than a minute.  This was with new batteries; charging about a percentage a minute.

SO IF YOU OWN THIS AND BOUGHT IT AND THOUGHT IT DIDN'T WORK, CHECK THE HIDDEN, TINY LITTLE POWER BUTTON.  It might need new batteries, but it does work and it works GREAT.  I'm super happy with it now and glad I didn't throw it in the trash thinking it was a dud.