I didn't even blog a smidgen about the new year, did I? Ooops! So... yeah.

Pretty sure I broke the internet by being a blogger who didn't mention the new year, a recap of last year or any of the other 'new years'  topics I think is written down in the "blogger rules" handbook somewhere.


I don't do New Years.  I never have actually.

So really... this was me.  Except I had my ereader my hands and was in bed, not a chair.

Earlier that night, around 6:30 pm, when I finally realized it was New Year's Eve, my husband was walking into the kitchen.  I exclaimed dramatically with a gasp, that it was New Year's Eve and we had forgotten!  And that we needed to hurry and get dressed so we could go out and celebrate!  We needed to quickly make plans to go to a club or a bar or something!  Where should we go!?

And then... we both chuckled.
He grabbed his plate of pizza and went into the family room to watch a movie and I went into the office to read.

This is just a bonus... I saw it and loved it.
If you saw the movie or read the book Bird Box, then you'll get it.