Man, I hate when Amazon changes the price of something while you have it in your cart and are still shopping!

We all know Amazon does it... but I've never had such a HUGE jump in price before....

As you know from my last post, I'm researching cold weather sleeping bags.  I've had a tent and a cookbook on my "one of my next orders I'll add it...."  list.  Well, this was going to be the one.  The tent is actually one I've wanted for about 2 years.  Just a simple one; I already own it, but wanted a different color.  It sells for anywhere between $45 - $52. 

The tent went down to $44 last month and still is... so I put it and the cookbook in my cart while researched the cold weather bag.  Then I found out we were having guests for dinner and I needed to run to the store for a birthday cake and some lettuce - quickly ran my errand, came home and got back online to finish my order and check out.

In that short amount of time Amazon changed the price of the tent IN MY CART.

It went from $44 to... get ready for this... 

→→→ $99.99!!  


NEVER EVER EVER has this little tent EVER sold ANYWHERE for more than 50 bucks.

Amazon jacked up the price DOUBLE 
while it was already in my cart, 
right before I checked out.

Aww, hell no! I'm not paying $100 for a $44 tent that often is on sale in the retail stores for $39.