Married Life: Obviously, I keep him around because he's cute and he goes well with the drapes

Married Life:   Regular readers and real life friends know my husband isn't a talker.  Or a listener, although he pulls that one off pretty well at work.  But I've been with him forever, and know he's not actually listening!  Ha. He prefers to not talk and not listen.  Just kind of live in his own bubble and is happily content to have me run our household and our lives... just let him know the updates and if I need anything from him.

Yesterday he was actually listening to me enough to get the gist of what I was saying, but his response  showed me his missed the mark.

We have a very 'Tuscany' kitchen.  It came with the house and is beautiful, but is very 2004.
We don't have a budget to redo it and I'd like to update it, so I found photos of ideas that would allow us to keep our floor, backsplash and granite countertops while painting the cupboards antique white with a brown glaze brushed into the cracks.  But... eeek!  Painting all those cupboards, the island and the dining bar base... antique white.  A huge under-taking and scary.  Our cupboards are currently a very pretty, glazed hickory.

One you go white, you can't go back.

Nervous to undertake such a huge task... and scared because I've never liked white cupboards in my life.  Ever.
So what if we do this and I hate it?
I can't undo it.
Once that first sanding and brush stroke is applied, I'm committed.


A general idea of what I'm talking about - random photo from internet

After looking at some before and after photos

He:  I like it. 
Me: I like it too but... I'm not sure I'll like it in our house.
He:  .....
Me: I'm afraid once the cabinets are all painted white, I'll hate it.
He: ....
Me:  (Trying to make him understand)  Once they're painted, that's IT.  There is no going back. You can't unpaint them.

Me:  I'm scared to paint them because I can't go 'back'....
He:  Then hire someone else to do it.

Me:  ?????

Obviously, I keep him around because he's cute and he goes well with the drapes, not for intelligent and stimulating conversation!  LOL.