My itty bitty Rachel Dunn espresso cups... so cute

My youngest daughter and I are fans of Rachel Dunn decor; the white and black artisan decor that has gotten pretty popular in the past year or so.  It goes well with the popular farmhouse style and beach style decorating that is huge right now, so even if you haven't seen it, you've probably seen it.

I was window shopping/browsing last Sunday and and saw these itty bitty little espresso cups in TJMaxx.  There were two styles. One was not cute.  The little cups said things like "gulp" "slurp" and "sip".  But the ones that did catch my eye said 'cafe' and 'espresso' on them.  I debated.  I took a photo on my phone and sent it to my youngest daughter to tell her to talk me out of it.  I certainly didn't need them and my cupboards are full so I had no space for more coffee or espresso cups... but they were so cute.

Luckily (?) I talked myself out of them.  Honestly it was just because I didn't feel like waiting in line and buying anything that day.  I often find things I like but I don't "feel like buying anything" so I don't.

As I left the store sans any purchases, my daughter texted back "OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!  GET THEM!"

So much for her talking me OUT of it.

But I told her I was already out the door and just walking into the parking lot so I talked myself out of them.

The next day was her day off from work and we often run errands together.

We went to Home Goods to look at pillows.

As we walked by a display, someone had set this exact set of espresso mugs down on this random display in the middle of the store.

There they were again.  Mocking me.

My daughter was excited; "You have to get them now!"

But honestly, when I held the box, they 'felt' wrong.  I'm an instinctive shopper and I can pick up 2 or 3 boxes of the exact same item but only one of them will 'feel' right and that's the one I'll buy.  This wasn't feeling right.  It felt off.  And forced. No.  I didn't want this one.

So I put it down and told her if I found another box of the same item, and it felt right, then I would get them, but not this one.  She completely understood because she does the same thing.

She said, "Yep, I get it!  That's why I like shopping with you!  No one else understands that!"

We walked down a random aisle and we saw little mugs in a Rachel Dunn box and.... nope.  They were the ugly ones  with rude slurp and gulp sayings.

We walked to the end of the aisle and... there it was. By itself on a shelf next to items that were not espresso or coffee related at all.  But... there it was.  Another Rachel Dunn espresso set box and when I picked this one up, it felt right.

My daughter picked up the box and weighed it in her hands, thought about it.  "Yes, you're right.  This one feels better.  Different."

And yes... I obviously bought it.

They are not necessarily well made, nor heavy.  They also can only hold just over 2 ounces (3 to the tippy top I suppose but you'll spill trying to pick it up).  They are extremely light weight and the espresso cools off mighty quickly for this 200 degree coffee loving girl....  but oh I love them.  They are just so cute!