Persecution of Christians and Catholics in China... Muslims too as China stamps out religion

Persecution of Christians and Catholics in China...

Just a few stories to give you some jumping off points to start if you haven't been aware of what's going down in China. 

Eleven children, including a two-month baby, from the Early Rain Covenant Church arrested in Chengdu for meeting in a private home. Not even the children were given food while held 

Mindong’s Msgr. Guo evicted from the curia: he will sleep on the street. At least five parishes have been closed, with electricity and water supplies cut off. These include Fuan, Saiqi and Suanfeng. "Fire safety" measures given as a justification, an excuse for persecution. Some priests have been kicked out. A home for the elderly kept by the nuns is also closed. Of the thirty guests, some are hosted by relatives, others are homeless. (Video)

Number of churches demolished in just one Chinese province has reached 1,500. Relations between China’s religious groups and the Communist Party have not been this strained since the days of Chairman Mao. (2015 report) 

Officials in China’s eastern Jiangxi province have replaced religious images displayed by Christian families with portraits of the country’s leader, Xi Jinping. The message from officials said the Christians involved had “recognised their mistakes and decided not to entrust to Jesus but to the (Communist) Party” claiming the Christians voluntarily removed 624 religious images and posted 453 portraits of Xi, the country’s president and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

It's not just Christians and Catholics... it's Muslims too:

Beijing wants to 'sinicise' even the furnishings of Uyghur homes. Muslim minorities are to abandon rugs and cushions in favour of sofas, beds and desks. Those who do not follow the directives risk being labelled "religious extremists" and locked up in notorious "training centres"