Rambling Over Coffee: 10 years later - what products advertised in the September 2010 Family Circle Magazine are still available?

Back when I worked at one of my previous jobs, my boss (the executive director) had signed up for some random magazine subscriptions.  I think his kid was probably selling them or something, but they were delivered to the office and one he had no interest in was Family Circle.  So he started to toss those my way to take home.  Usually I enjoyed them. But I was so incredibly busy with running our life that often times they were put into the basket on the side of the couch to read "when I get time" and I never got time.

Why do I still have some brand new looking magazines that are now 10 years old?

I feel I should explain myself, lest someone assume I am a closet hoarder or something.  No... I hate clutter.  It freaks me out.  But!  This is how I come to have 3 brand new Family Circle magazines from April, July and September of 2010... in 2020.

As I mentioned, I didn't have time to look through some of the magazines my boss would send home.  But I wanted to, mostly because I was interested in the recipes.  So I would keep them in a wicker basket in the family room along with other things like an Atlas, some crocheting I never had time to work on, etc.  But in 2010 I had 3 teenagers and a full time job.  Between college, school, part time jobs, every sport known to man, plus dance, driver's education, parent meetings, etc. I had ZERO time for magazines.  But ever hopeful... they lived in that wicker basket.

And then, we were being relocated across the country (again).

As I was packing things up I saved a couple magazines and tucked them into my "MOVING BINDER" which was basically my bible at the time.  A notebook and a large 3 ring binder in which EVERYTHING that had to do with the move, buying and selling of the houses, etc. went into.  When we move, I note EVERYTHING in this binder/book and it stays with me at all times.  Every phone call.  Every email.  Every face-to-face meet.  The relo company, the real estate agents, the mortgage broker, the insurance quotes... every everything goes into this binder and it stays with me.

My husband always has to report to the new location within 2 weeks while I handle literally, everything.  I usually go back and forth between the two cities or states for a couple months during the selling/buying process, then I follow once our home has been sold and new one bought. 
I put 3 magazines into my moving binder so the 
movers (nor I)would pack them into boxes.
My plan was that I might want them at some point,
and enjoy looking through them.

This is how the magazines were spared being thrown out, donated or packed into moving boxes. 
And then life went on, the house was sold, we moved to the new city/state.  The binder went up into office bookshelf as I still needed it (numerous times) to reference for things/issues/problems/questions that came up over the next few months.

And it stays there because I keep my 'moving bibles' through our moves as they are a huge help for the reasons I already posted.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to go back and find the answer to something that came up from the last four or so moves!  Even now, I just used it to look up who our house inspection was done by 8 years ago.  Last night I had to use it to look up whether or not we paid our new house insurance premium ahead of time or at closing...  etc.

And I never did get time to get back to those magazines.

But this morning I was procrastinating doing... well, everything.  And I had the moving binder/bible out as I was looking up the size of our family room on the house inspectors report from when we moved in.  (The room is 22' X 22' by the way... no wonder I'm dreading painting it.)

When I saw the September 2010 issue of Family Circle, it occurred to me it was turning TEN YEARS OLD already.  Wow.  I didn't realize I had kept these 3 magazines that long!  But here it was.  So I started to flip through it. And I wondered... 

"How many of the products being advertised 
as NEW and exciting then, were STILL available today?"

The one that caught my attention first and made me ponder this, was this... the "futuristic looking wrist wrap from Switch2Health"  that measures and logs your physical activity.  I laughed.  Because it's basically a very early form of the FITBIT.  But those graphics!?  Oh my.  Terrible.  And yet it was "futuristic" looking (so the writer says) at the time.  Oh, we've come so far!

And that write-up is why I suddenly asked myself if they were even available anymore... in any form? Um, no.  But they still have a page listing on Amazon!  Ha ha.

The S2H Replay wristband monitors physical activity, and the wearer can earn rewards ranging from a free phone ringtone to an Xbox 360.

As I flipped the magazine page I saw this graphing calculator and it looked like something my Dad would have had back in the 70's! 

Interestingly, they DO still make these.  An updated version of course... but the name is still similar and of course the graphics are improved.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

I had never heard of this one.  The Mikey Portable Recorder.  We didn't iphone and cellphones capable of what we do today so when this product was release they were excited to release a way to make your ipod into a recording device. 

But they DO still sell them!  And apparently they are now compatible with your iphones and ipads. 

Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo condenser microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into the sleekest mobile recording device around.

This one... the Echo Smartpen.  I actually kind of, sort of, remember hearing about these back then.  I think I looked up something similar at the time but it's a barely-there memory. 

It says it translates your writing from English to Spanish when you write with it and it does math equations.

And guess what?  You can still buy them!  Yep, another product that is still available in some form today!  Ten years later....

Echo Smartpen 
The Echo smartpen, released in July 2010, comes with either 2GB, 4GB or 8 GB of memory.


 Poor Pandigital novel.  I've never heard of you before.


 Gone the way of the dinosaur....


 Pandigital Novel


Getting tired of electronics, I saw 3 ads for new perfumes.  I randomly picked one to check on and although not 'easy' to find, you can still find the "MY LIFE" perfume by Mary J. Blige.  Hmm.  Who knew?  Not me.  I've never seen it before.


Mary J Blige My Life Perfume


When I saw some makeup featured, I thought to myself the pink and orange of this product couldn't possibly still be available today because those two colors, although very cool at the time, aren't really big in marketing in 2020.  It caught my eye I think because I used to love those two colors together and had a polo shirt I LOVED at the time that sported these two alternating stripes.

Nope... they don't make this one anymore....

From what I could tell, this might be a new updated version.  A 'foundation' instead of the tinted moisturizer.  But... both still sporting the "healthy" moniker, similar product and such.

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear

I had never heard of this one so I chose it at random to see if it was still being made.  Its the VICHY brand Aqualia Antiox - and it's not.  But on their website they do have a new product that sounds really, really similar.

This one sounds similar to the product from 10 years ago, so maybe it's their updated version?  The bottle is pretty!

Vichy Aqualia Antiox has been replaced with Vichy Aqualia Thermal Hydrating Face Serum I think.

Well THIS post has taken longer than I thought (having to take and upload photos, look for the products and such) and now my poor coffee is cold, cold, cold.  Time to stop procrastinating and get some things done this morning! 

I do want to add, I was completely surprised that most of the products and even the prescription drug advertisements are all still available today!   Very few of the food products were not still available and all the drugs I looked up are still being prescribed. 

Perhaps when I want to procrastinate again I'll get around to looking through the other two issues of Family Circle.