Rambling Over Coffee: Actually, I Can Coffee Mug and Walker Hayes Video

Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my mama said....

I started this post early this morning with every intention of getting it typed out, leisurely, over coffee and then getting started on my day.  I had a basic 'idea' list in my head of what I was going to accomplish - as today is a 'stay at home and wait for 2 deliveries' kind of day.

I got busy doing a task that was about fourth of fifth on my list (doing it first!) and from then on, things just kind of fell into place and now, suddenly it's almost 3:pm here and it's my first time back at the computer.  Ooops.   Poor neglected post.

Well, I was excited to share the newest coffee mug one of my daughter's bought.  She didn't buy for me, but she bought for herself.  And sent me a snapchat of this morning.  It's so cute!!!!  It's a stoneware mug (Magnolia) and it says "Actually, I can" - oh how I love this.  

And while I was reading and typing this morning I had a browser window open playing some random videos/songs on Youtube.  I saw this one start and it caught my attention as there was a brief photo of a family with a slew of kids and then a shot of some marks on the wall showing growth of little ones... and then as I glanced at the video off and on while typing, I realized all the kids in the photos were in the video. I'm a sucker for big families.  I love babies and toddlers and I always planned on having 5 children (even though we made a conscious decision to stop at 3 and fought to stick to that plan many, many times after we committed to 'just' three!).  And then... realized the woman in the video wasn't a typical bimbo model like videos usually use.  She was really pretty but in a completely real and natural kind of way... and the little girl in the video really looked a lot like her.

Was this a real family?  And wait... what was he singing about anyway? 

So I stopped multi-tasking and hit the start button again so I could watch it from the beginning and actually pay attention.


So I went to his official website and found a second version of the video/song!

Oh my goodness you guys....  the tears!   I'm not really a cryer but this video did it.


Well, yeah, it's a good song and great video... but it was real.  And it was SO similar to my husband and I and our dating days and marriage!

Apparently the artist was touring over in the UK and was missing his wife and six kids back home, so he found himself starting to think about his wife, what he loved about her, and if anything should ever happen to him in the future, what hypothetical conversation and advise would he give another guy if there was one who came after him?

These guys met in grade school as kids.  They dated, married and started their family...
When I watched the video I couldn't help but see myself and my husband.  We met as kids.  We dated as teenagers.  We married.  We started our family.

It's real.
It's good.

This was the 2nd video - the one that reminds me so much of my husband and I....

And here is the official video that I saw first (while I was busy doing other things)

And since it's taken me hours and hours and hours to actually get back to this editing window to write something in this box... I'm just gonna hit the publish button and get on with the rest of my tasks.   It's a productive day around these parts and I'm really pretty happy with the outcomes of everything so far.


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