Rambling Over Coffee - Chit Chat. New dentist, paint colors that suck and... I don't know what else

Yesterday I had my first appointment with a new dentist.
I do a lot of research before I go to a new provider for anything, so I had researched everything about their practice.  And I thought it funny (in a cute way) that his profile photo on their dental practice website looked exactly like Pastor Jeff from Young Sheldon.
When my husband and I talked about my upcoming dental appointment I was automatically referring to the dentist as "Pastor Jeff".  (I couldn't even remember the dentists name because to me he was just "Pastor Jeff".)

Well, you know how sometimes doctor's and dentists will leave older photos up of themselves on profiles, websites, etc? 

After I finished having my teeth cleaned, the new dentist came in and introduced himself and to look over my teeth.

He was suddenly "Pastor Jeff with LOTS of work done........"

The whole time he was talking to me I couldn't help but think "I'm talking to a Ken Barbie Doll...."

Whew!  The Botox and fillers were in use!  This guy had such smooth skin it looked like plastic.  I couldn't stop smiling, and looking away.  LOL.  He also had his teeth done to the point where they were doll teeth too.  Perfectly smooth on the bottoms, not a ridge or ripple to be seen.  I swear when he smiled I saw a flash of light and heard a "ting!" of a little bell.

Around the house, I'm supposed to be painting but the universe has been putting some road blocks up.

First I ran out of paint tape.

Then I opened the 2 gallons up and stirred them, only to realize they looked nothing like the sample they were supposed to match.

So the next day  the 2 gallons were taken back to have some black added to make them more of the gray undertone rather than the peach/pink.

Got them home and they looked... worse.  Not better.  Total skin tone.  Blech.  I'm not living in a "skin room" so nope.

After all was said and done we realized why the sample wasn't matching the coordinating paint.

They stopped making the paint the sample was based on.  

The base was pure white base A or something like that... which they stopped producing so all the paint of that tone was now mixed using ultimate white (or whatever).  DIFFERENT BASES.  Which totally changes the undertone of the paint.

Instead of the awesome khaki GRAY it now comes out khaki peach.

Which is stomach turning to me. 

The CORRECT SAMPLE is the dark gray/beige in the lower right corner.  The new base they started to manufacturer turned it to the pink beige of the upper left.  After they tried to add some color to match the sample correct color (lower right) it got WORSE and became the ugly skin tone I'm pointing to in the photo. 

Yuck yuck yuck.  (The light gray on the upper right is cool, but won't work in that room with the furniture so that is why it's not in the running.  Ignore that one).

So I've been living with a HUGE MESS all week as all the furniture is pulled away from the walls, the decor is all down and in the center of the room, and there is blue paint tape on all the trim, ceiling and baseboards.  I'm SO OVER IT and I've not even started since we can't manage to get the paint we wanted.


And... I started this post around 9:30 this morning while waiting for the annual termite inspection guy, and my daughter to come over... and it's now 3:30, so it's taken me this long just to type this much out. 

The coffee is now replaced with Truly Passion Fruit hard seltzer so I'm rambling over that and not coffee but meh....  it's just the hard seltzer talking.