Rambling Over Coffee: A company used a huge box, tons of bubble wrap and packaging to send something the size of a quarter.

Early this morning I started a post.
And I got pulled away for a couple things and by the time I came back I had lost my mojo on that one.
I started a new (second) post.
And again, ended up getting side tracked and when I got back to the editor I really didn't feel like going down that road anymore. 
So now, it's after 11:00 am... barely 'morning' any longer but I'm here with a fresh cup of hot coffee and I'm going to attempt to make a post.  My third attempt but who's counting, right?

How about some RANDOM chit chat over morning coffee?

My dogs think their names are;  "stupid fucking dog!" and will respond to it.  Even if I'm just in conversation with someone and I say the phrase 'stupid fucking dog' they instantly know I am talking about them and will get up and move to another room.

I have a bill that I pay by an old-style written check.  It's written out, in an envelope, addressed and stamped but dangit, the mailbox is waaaaaaaay at the end of the long drive, up a steep hill and the thought of walking to it this morning just made me angry so it's still sitting here on my desk.  Unmailed.  Which means it won't get mailed until Monday since tomorrow is Sunday. 

Last night at 8:30 pm the FedEx delivery guy arrived.  He left a big box at the front door.  Inside this huge box, with tons of bubble wrap, and plastic air packaging, way at the bottom, almost easily missed, was one, teeny, tiny, itty bitty car air freshener from Bath and Body Works.  They are about the size of a fifty cent coin and as thin as a skinny pencil.  WHY!?  Why do they do this?  The WASTE on so many levels!


I got a box of... air!

To be honest, this whole order has been messed up since the start.

You know what, I'm sipping my coffee and have about 20 minutes to waste until my next task so let's do this!  

I don't normally waste money on products from Bath and Body Works.  It's way overpriced, and we don't use their lotions because I don't like the perfume chemicals they saturate them with as well as the price.  Plus, they have very, very few scents I can stand.  I don't know why some women want to smell like "cucumber" or "peaches" or all the various fruity and weird scents they sell.  And the floral scents like that awful Japanese Cherry Blossom smell like a 90 year old woman.  Blech.  So yeah, I'm not a typical BBW shopper.

But I've been given a number of their Wallflower plug-in air fresheners over the years, which use their Wallflower refills of course.  And although I don't regularly buy them because they are outrageously expensive, a couple times a year they have good sales and I will give in and get some.  But only if I can get scents that don't smell like fruit or an old ladies home.  Luckily they have a very, very small line of  fragrances that are geared towards men that smell heavenly!  Like men's cologne or the men's department of an expensive department store. 

I went into one of their stores the week before Christmas and left empty handed as they were OUT of most of the items I personally wanted/needed/liked.  I decided I would order online for better choices.

So I placed an order just after Christmas for some refills, some foaming soap and 3 car air fresheners.

And I waited.
And waited.
And waited.

Then I got a notice that MY ITEM HAS SHIPPED!

Yay... but wait.  Item.  Not items.  Plural.

And the email informed me they were sending me ONE little tiny car scent refill.

Seriously?  Why not wait and just send everything all at once?  But whatever.  So I expected a small little padded envelope in the mail. 

And because they split the order, they split the payment.  So while I had the TOTAL cost written down in my bank register booklet (because yes, I keep our account balanced to the penny at ALL TIMES) - it screwed up my total.  So all my debit card and purchases and withdrawals written in for the last 1 1/2 weeks were now 'off' and screwed up.   

Then I got an update that the rest of my order would ship next Tuesday.

And then got an update that 3 of my items were "NO LONGER AVAILABLE".
Ok - well they were almost 2 weeks ago when I ORDERED THEM!  Grrr. 

That changed the amount they were going to withdrawal from my bank account even more so now it screwed THAT up again. 

And then... I get a shipping notice that my itty bitty little ONE CAR SCENT REFILL was shipping by FedEx.  Seriously!?  You are going to waste money on shipping through FedEx?  Paying a driver, wasting gas, wasting time and money to ship a tiny little envelope with one $2 refill by FEDEX?

Last night at 8:30 pm it was pitch black outside.  The house lights off.  I'm finishing up some things so I can go to bed and read for a couple hours.  My husband is in a dark family room watching TV when our security cameras give us an alert in the driveway.

It was FedEx!  Poor guy had to deliver in the dark, at 8:30 at night...  but when I opened the door it was a box.  A BIG box.  So I thought "Oh!  They must have sent my entire order!  Sooner than expected!  Yay!"

But when I picked it up, it felt like there was literally nothing in it.  It was just air.

And the photo above shows why.

WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

They really should have either sent it with the rest of the order in a couple more days, or at the very least used minimal packaging!  A little envelope.  N O T a giant box, with loads of plastic bubble wrap and even a layer of 'air' filled plastic pillows. 

And now my coffee is a bit cold.
I'm out of time and I must rush to the next task.

I do tend to ramble a bit... I know.

It's just the coffee talking......


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