Rambling Over Coffee: DO I OR DON'T I? Trying to find dates that 'feel' right to solo camp up North


One of the things I've been slowly working on the last week or so is trying to make a decision about heading up North to do some camping.

Both "IF" and "WHEN".

Due to a lot of circumstances, I'd probably be making the cross country camping and hiking trip solo. Which is... fine.  But not quite as fun as having a good travel companion with you.

As for the timing, I want to go early enough that it's not busy with tourists yet, but late enough that although I might get snow, none of the access roads would be snowed shut and closed.

But the 2-3 week window I really want to go and planned to go, will not work. So I'm debating the 'if' and 'when' because when I look at the calendar and try to convince myself to plan it for a week or two earlier, my instinct is screaming 'no' and it feels so wrong and so 'off' that I'm inclined to listen to that inner voice.  So... back to the 'if' and if so, then 'when'?

In the meantime I'm having fun looking through the pictures of my last camping trip there.  I had my daughter with me so we got a lot of fun photos.  

We decided to climb this guy (on the other side)....  there is a fun progression of photos here.


Where's Waldo?  Ummm... I mean Meritt?  If you look closely you can see me!

Here I am! 

I absolutely fell in love with this area.  Everything about it.

My heart is at peace when I look back on the pictures of us camping and hiking here....


Funny how we were camping and hiking in weather that was daytime 80-90 degrees when suddenly that night a cold-front came in and the temperatures dropped to the 30's.  The next day was freezing cold!  Puffy vests, jackets, layers, hats and boots and we were still cold. 


We left and continued West... trying to beat a snowstorm that was coming.
Luckily we made it through this mountain drive before the fog and snow got heavy enough that
the closed the highway down soon after we descended! About 20 minutes after we finished
the route, the snow was falling heavy and they closed it completely to traffic.




By the time the snow came we were down from the mountain routes
and into the state park area... where we planned to camp that night anyway.

So, so, beautiful.  So peaceful.

I know I'm just rambling over coffee (again) but I really need to make my final decision and start planning.  The problem is the timing.  The 3 week window that I want to do this, isn't possible.  So... maybe I need to plan it later this next Fall instead of Spring.  That doesn't really feel right either.

And I know although it will be nice, quiet and contemplative to do this solo, it also won't be as fun as when my daughter was with.  The right travel companion makes all the difference.

Decisions, decisions....


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