Rambling Over Coffee: He was a terrorist leader... and why doesn't Terminix just leave a freaking message?

This morning I have a lot of balls in air and juggling more than a few things at once, carrying on a lot of different conversations with people at once, ranging from someone stranded with a dead vehicle, to booking a vacation rental for an extended family vacation... and more.  But I need my "QUIET AND COFFEE" time so although I don't have anything in particular to chat about...  I'm going to take a couple sips of my hot, strong, black coffee and then, start chatting!

When I read the news - especially a certain Democrat that I've mentioned before that I can't stand, and should not only be stripped of her position, but jailed for lying and falsifying documents to get where she is...  I see she and her ilk were GIGGLING and smiling during the announcement about the attacks on the US base in Iraq.  I can't see her face without my brain instantly saying "SFB"  (stupid f-ing b**ch) every. time.

The leader of Iran's Quds Forces, Qassem Soleimani, and 
Hezbollah leader Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes have been killed 
in a U.S. airstrike on Baghdad's international airport, 
just a few days after members and supporters of the 
Iran-backed militia Kataib Hezbollah ambushed 
the U.S embassy in Baghdad.

And speaking (briefly) of that attack;  he was a fucking terrorist.  Not just a 'military leader'.  I couldn't believe when the American media started to regal him as some angelic military leader... Our media.  *rolling my eyes*  Cut off your nose to spite your face....  

Where's my coffee?



Terminix (the pest control company)  calls my home phone at least 4 or 5 times every week.  Sometimes I get 2 calls a day from them.  This has been going on for a year.  Ever since I terminated my pest control contract with them last spring.

One of my biggest frustrations is not just them calling almost every day - and sometimes at 8:40 pm at night... but they WON'T LEAVE A MESSAGE.  Instant hang up.  EVERY. TIME.  FOR OVER A YEAR NOW.

Last summer, growing weary of their calls and being outside sitting in the sun and enjoying not doing anything in particular at that moment, I picked up the phone just to see why they were relentlessly calling me up to once a day...

They wanted me to 'come back' and sign back up for quarterly pest control.

I canceled with them because they kept jacking up the price.  After a few years of having to question the cost every damn time, I finally had enough and fired them.  Their 'excuse' for raising the price all the time was "but we will spray inside and out as many times as you wish... you can call us back as many times as you need with no extra charges..."   

NEVER IN 8 YEARS had I needed them to spray inside NOR had I ever needed them to 'come back' at any time extra between quarterly visits and never had I had any issues to deal with other than their normal, regular, boring, quarterly spraying.

So their arguments about the cost is justified because they WOULD do these things were worthless to me; someone who does not USE those perks and hadn't for the 8 years they'd been coming.

So when I chatted with them that day, I pointed out (again) I've been paying the high price for extra perks I do not use.  I've never used.  I don't need.

They resorted to 'scare' tactics.  That I hadn't had them spray for a few months so now my home isn't protected.  I'm going to start having issues!  I'm going to need indoor and outdoor pest control because them coming to spray every 3 months is why I've not had issues over the last 8 years.  It's an on-going protection process.

Do they think I'm an idiot?
I've never been without protection.

Two weeks after they did their last visit, I had already started with a new company, who came out and did their initial visit, and has been doing quarterly visits since then.

I guess the people at Terminix are too stupid to think that a customer would hire another company?  Did they just think people quit with them and just... never had anyone else take over the pest control visits?

Anyway.  They call constantly - even after I spoke to them that day and explained I was not interested in coming back and they could stop calling me.  They haven't. And I hate that they are 'hang ups' and never once, not ONCE have they ever bothered to leave a message of any sort.  Which is probably what pisses me off more than them calling almost once a day.