Rambling Over Coffee: My own personal 'weird' stories while I read the "Creepiest glitch in the Matrix" thread at Reddit

I'm not a reddit reader - and have only visited the site a few times (because I hate the structure and find it confusing and difficult to follow... probably because I never use it?). Last night I had about an hour before bed and wanted to mindlessly read something on the internet.  A click led to a click and suddenly I was on a meme that came from reddit - but I saw a thread that had to do with 'creepiest glitch in the Matrix' which sounded interesting... and yeah, I fell down that rabbit hole. 

As I was reading through the stories, many rang true to things that have happened in my own life as well, and that is where this 'Rambling Over Coffee" post is coming from.
The last one I just read was a reader that was driving and listening to music on a cassette (yeah, they said cassette), arrived at the location, and popped the cassette out, only to have the song keep playing.  It ends up the radio was playing the exact same song in the exact same place.  

This has happened a few times for me as well; but most recently was just last week.  I was running errands, I have my music on a USB drive and they were playing completely at random.  I arrived, pulled it out and the song kept playing.  Ends up the same song was playing on the radio.  I smiled - kind of neat coincidence - and then went in and did my shopping.

The day after my brother died, his desktop computer, which was off btw, started playing this little melody with computer beeps, which I had never heard before and never heard again.  I couldn’t get it to stop. I kept pressing the power button and it wouldn’t stop or turn on or off. So I unplugged it and it finally stopped.

Although no one had died, a similar 'computer' story in our family happened to my Mom and Dad years ago.  They live out in the middle of the country, in the middle of no where. They had their computer plugged in during a storm and lightning hit the house and fried a number of electronics.  Their TV and their computer were two of them.  

Since the computer was fried and didn't work anymore they unplugged it and put the tower and monitor across the room, on the floor, piled next to the wall.  They were keeping it in case the insurance company had to inspect it for the claim.  My Mom kept a bunch of boxes and things in that extra bedroom's closet so she went in there to get some things out of the closet.  Suddenly a low, gravelly, 'mean' voice came out of the computer and told her to get out of the room.   She was shocked, turned to stare at the computer on the floor which was not plugged in nor connected to anything.  "It" started to call her names and used language my parents never, ever used.  It then yelled at her to 'get the fuck out of here'  and the word 'fuck' is one that either of my parents had ever, ever used.  (D and S words, yes, but never the F word as it's never been 'allowed' in their home the whole time me and my siblings were growing up.)  Scared her to death so she hurried and ran out of the room.   

She said the computer talked a couple more times - always directly to her and with very bad language, before she had my Dad take it out to the burn pile and burn it.   They had a lot of strange things happen in that house so this is just one of many.

This was a missing item... which I didn't lose a phone into mid-air like they did, but I did lose something that never showed up.
When I was a freshman in college, I was sitting at my desk in my dorm eating lunch. My phone was plugged in and sitting on the desk in front of me. When I finished lunch, I stood up to throw out the garbage, tripped on my phone cord, and sent the phone flying across the room.   I never saw it again.  I looked around the room for hours with no luck. I thought it would turn up eventually, but it didn’t.
When we lived in our previous home before this one, we had a few odd things happen.  One of them a missing item that fell, never to be seen again.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes by hand.  A butter knife slipped out of my hand and fell to the ground next to my feet.  Not a big deal.  It clattered, I felt the vibration of it hitting the wood floor and I bent down to pick it up.  Except, there was no butter knife.  Not anywhere. I checked the sink to make sure it didn't fall into the water (even though I heard it fall on the floor and felt it do so.)  I ended up letting out all the water.  No butter knife. Not on the floor, not in the sink, not anywhere I could see. It disappeared.  

I checked the entire kitchen by the time was done; on my hands and knees, crawling all over, looking up under the cupboards, pulling out drawers, looking under the stove and even the refrigerator, which was on the other side of the room.  I left no stone un-turned so to speak.  I even went down to the basement to look up in the rafters and on the floor under where I would be in the kitchen above.  It never turned up and I stopped looking for it.  We moved about 2 years later but I still think about it sometimes.   

My dad was driving me home from secondary school and we were waiting at a set of traffic lights with only a bus ahead of us in the queue. An old lady crossed the road at said traffic lights but she never reappeared after passing the bus, she simply, vanished?! There was not enough time for her to have gotten on the bus for one and also I could see the side of the bus you enter from anyways, me and my dad think about it every once in a while.
In one of the previous towns we lived in, I was driving down a side street that isn't very busy as it's a residential area.  The sun was going down so it was really bright, and right in front of me.  As I drove down the street there was a little boy with dark brown hair riding his bike in front of me, on the right hand side of the street so I was directly in back of him.  I passed him, thinking to myself how it wasn't safe for him to be riding his bike like that as the sun would make it hard for someone to see him.   As soon as I passed by him, I immediately looked into my rear view mirror and he had vanished.  He wasn't anywhere behind me or even on the street.  I literally had taken my eyes off him about 2 seconds and in that time, he just was no longer there.

There was a stop sign at the end of the block, so when I stopped at it, I took the time to seriously peer behind me and look for this little boy.  There were no trees or places he could have gone to in that 2 seconds he went from in front of me to in back of me as I passed him.  He just wasn't there anymore.

I'm not sure this is connected but not long before that one of my son's friends from school was hit by a car and killed while riding his bike.  He was 11 and he had had dark brown hair.  I don't know where the little boy was when he got hit by the car, or if it was the same neighborhood or not, but I've always wondered.

There were a number of stories of missing jewelry that would suddenly show up later in a very obvious place.  I've had that happen as well, but one thing it reminded me of has happened probably four or five times in my life and involves necklaces.
I always (always always) wear a cross necklace. I just keep it on 24 hours a day. Sleep in it, shower in in it, it's just something I never take off, like my wedding ring.  I've owned two of them.  I bought the second after the cross came off the first and was lost in the ocean while swimming - even though the necklace chain was still clasped securely on my neck.  I bought a new cross necklace after that, that I've worn since.  

With both my old necklace and my newer one, I've suddenly heard a 'clatter' and looked down to find my necklace had slid off and fallen to the floor, the counter, or I've suddenly caught my necklace as it was falling and I've been able to grab it as it fell.  The 'weird' thing is that the four or five times this has happened over the past 15 years, my necklace was still securely clasped closed.  It wasn't broken, and the clasp wasn't opened.  I had to use my fingernail to open the clasp to put it back on my neck.   It's completely random and it can go a year or two between 'fallings' but it's happened enough times now that it doesn't completely surprise me.


.... ok enough for now.  This is getting too long.  Perhaps I'll continue this in a series, as I've certainly had enough odd things happen to make a little blog series out of it.  

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