Rambling Over Coffee: Part 2 - My own personal 'weird' stories while I read the "Creepiest glitch in the Matrix" thread

As I was reading through some of the odd stories on a Reddit thread, many of them resonated with me as I'd had similar things happen.  After quite a number of them, I just decided to start a post thread on Coffee Talking of my own stories.  

This is the second post in that series...  the indented quotes are the post that stirred the memory of my own similar situation.

When I was young 4-6 years old I lived in a two story with stairs that had about 10 steps and then a large flat followed by another 10 steps. My siblings and I all used to jump from the top of the stairs to the flat inbetween. One time when I was six I vividly remember jumping from the top of the stairs and floating as if in slow motion to the bottom of the steps.
Funny that I've been thinking about my own similar story of this off and on for about two weeks now - long before I found the Reddit thread and saw this one.  When I was about 3 or 4 years old, we lived in a house where the toy room was in the basement, off the kitchen.  One of the things we discovered was 'fun' was jumping off the stairs.  When you are that little, even jumping off 3 stairs is a long way to jump.  Whether it was just me, me and my little brother or with friends over to play, we would end up jumping off the stairs to see who jump from a higher stair or jump the furthest out from the stairs.  We would go up one stair each time.  One of those times, I was up to a stair that I knew was too high, and was scared, but it was the next higher, and I knew I had to try to jump it.  It was way too high for a little three or four year.

As I jumped and bent my knees, my legs stayed tucked under me and I didn't fall, but... floated (?) straight out from the stairs, with my knees still tucked under me as if I was sitting on the floor.  I felt someone's hands under my knee's/legs as if an adult was behind me, carrying me in that kneeling position.  I went straight out from the staircase, across the room and was put down, still on my knees, gently on the floor.

The memory is clear, and I even know I was wearing red plaid that day as I remember looking down and seeing red plaid fabric so it was either my pants or my skirt.  I tried over and over to make it happen again, but it never did.  Just that one time.  We moved away about year later.

Literally had a vivid dream there was a mass shooting at the university and that morning it happened.

When I was little I had a dream about a big airplane that crashed.  I was too little to really know what I was looking at but in the dream I was looking at an old black and white TV, and saw a big plane, it had gone down in water and I saw people dressed in bulky suits with helmets around the plane, and bright lights shining on them.  Not long after, we went to visit my Grandma and as she and I were standing in the kitchen talking, there was breaking news and the image of the plane that I had seen on a little black and white tv in my dream was being shown on the television.  I told my Grandma I already dreamed it, and told her what I saw in my dream and right after I told her this, the tv showed the rescuers dressed in diving gear, bright lights to light up the area looking for survivors, and doing body recovery.  It was exactly what I had seen in my dream.  This would have been around 1977 - 1979 so I don't know what big plane crash would have happened around that time (and don't really feel like googling it to find out) but Grandma had her own precognitive dreams so she didn't bat an eye or think it was odd that I did.

I’ve never ever been a believer of ghosts until a few weeks ago. I saw a little black shadow that resembled a cat jump through the wall in my kitchen, but I figured I was just tired and seeing things. But then a few days later, this little black cat ran through the hallway and jumped through the wall again, and this time my boyfriend and I both saw it so I couldn’t just rationalize it. I guess we have a little ghost cat who just lives with us now.
My husband has never believed in anything 'weird' or supernatural. This was one of the first times he personally had no explanation of any sort to explain away what he was looking at and thus; started to be a 'maybe' believer.

He and I were in the family room, sitting and talking.  He was in the chair across from me, where I sat on our couch.  The house is an open floor plan so the kitchen and family room are connected in one space.  As we sat talking something caught his eye in the kitchen.  He looked over to see our dark colored cat walking across the kitchen counter.

1st - our cats were never, ever allowed to be on the counters.  Ever.  2nd - the gray and black cat was NEVER a counter jumper anyway.  She couldn't jump that high.  She struggled to jump up to the couch to lay down and took her about 3 tries to even do that.  Her body weight and her pear shaped body made her a 'floor' kind of cat and she would 'meow' for our kids to pick her up and put her on their beds because she couldn't even jump up to their beds.  3rd - she never once tried to jump on the counters.  She didn't really even know that was a 'thing' or a possibility.  It never occurred to her (in 15 years) to do it.

But the most important part of this story is that he saw a black cat walk across the kitchen counter, (ours was actually more gray/white/black striped) it's tail up in the air, and as he sat up straight and started to yell at her to get down, he glanced at me, then back at the cat... which was no longer there... and back at me... only to see our cat sleeping next to me on the couch.  Not only did we not own a totally black cat, but both our cats were sleeping next to us as we chatted.  I had the gray one sleeping by me and the orange one was on my husbands lap.

I used to see my uncle, until I was around 10. I had never met him because he died of complications from cerebral palsy back in the 70's. My dad was his favorite sibling and when I was 3 I told my dad "uncle "m" told me to tell you he's not in a wheelchair anymore!" I have a vague memory of it, mainly because it was the first time I ever saw my dad cry (out of maybe 3 or 4 times).

I rarely dream of people who have passed away but I've had two dreams in my life similar to this Reddit story.  The first, I was 12 years old.  My Grandpa had died a few months earlier.  He came to me in a dream, and chuckled when I was shocked to see him.  He knew (in my dream) that he was dead.   In real life he was a teaser and sure enough, he teased me when I was speechless and staring at him; "Haven't you ever seen a ghost before?"

He told me he felt terrible that he had borrowed a tool from a neighbor before he passed away and wasn't able to return the tool. It bothered him that Grandma didn't know about the tool needing to be returned; but he really wanted to return this tool to the neighbor.  He made me repeat the name of the tool and the neighbors name so I would remember.  When I woke up that morning I recalled the tool and the neighbors name... and I figured I'd 'remember' it so I got ready for school.  I was going to tell my Dad that night when he got home from work so he could tell Grandma.  I didn't write it down.  By that night when my Dad got home from work, I remembered the dream, but I had forgotten the neighbors name and the tool.  We did tell my Grandma the next time we visited her, and she said it certainly sounded just like Grandpa to be bothered by an un-returned tool.  He was the most 100% honest guy you would ever meet.  But unfortunately, no one knew what tool in the garage might have been borrowed and obviously none of the neighbors would have approached Grandma to complain about an un-returned tool after she had lost her husband.  So... we never knew.  I always regretted not writing it down that morning when I woke up.  Grandpa never visited me again.


The second time I had a relative give me a message in a dream was an Uncle. I was an adult by this time.  I wasn't particularly close to him, and hadn't seen him in a few years when I heard he had passed away.  I lived about 1000 miles away and had been married for years by this point.  I mostly had visited this uncle with my family when I was little kid.  So when he passed away I wasn't emotionally involved - which makes it odd I would dream about him.

In the dream I was with our whole extended family - just a big get together. There was nothing happening in the dream, we are all just sitting at tables, talking, eating a meal.   He was there, walking around or sitting next to people, listening and watching but not talking.  At some point he realized I could see him.  Apparently no one else could.  He said "You can see me!?"  And I told him yes.  He got really excited and happy.  And he asked me to please tell my Aunt (his wife) that he loved her.  I told him I would, but that it was a pretty vague request and is there anything else I could tell her so he would know for a fact it was from him?

He thought for a minute and he started to chuckle to himself.  He was smiling and said, "Yeah.  Tell I know I should have sold the damn thing, but I would have had to  have gotten the damn thing running first."

One thing about me is that I don't even TALK like this.  I don't sprinkle my conversation with 'damn' or generally swear.  And when I do, it's usually when I'm pissed at our dogs and I'll say "stupid fucking dog" but I don't use the word damn, SOB, or other swear words. 

And he used the word 'damn' twice. 

Since I never see or talk to that Aunt and we lived a thousand miles away, I mentioned this to my Dad and told him to tell her.  He did, and of course she called me.

I told her the message, that he loved her and that I asked him for a phrase that only she would know, so that I could prove it was from him and I told her how he started to laugh and told me that odd sentence about knowing he should have sold it, but he would have had to get the damn thing running first.

She was laughing when she said "Oh that s.o.b.  It's that damn motorcycle!"

I hadn't visited their house since 1996 and this happened in 2008 or 2009 maybe (?) I don't recall exactly when he died now.  But I knew NOTHING about their home, their lives or their lifestyle. Apparently he had a motorcycle that didn't work and was always going to 'fix up' to sell - and she kept telling him to get rid "of the damn thing" and hated that it was in their shop.  It was an 'ongoing' argument/discussion they always had.   He died of a heart attack and left her with the broken motorcycle in their shop.  So the message that meant NOTHING to me totally made sense to her.

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