Rambling Over Coffee: Part 3 - My own personal 'weird' stories while I read the "Creepiest glitch in the Matrix

Part 3 of what surprisingly became a 'series' of posts.... 

While reading a Reddit forum, I was surprised by the number of posts that I had similarities to.  I added a couple to my blog, and then it got longer than I expected so I did another post.  And here I am, doing a third.  

So, sipping coffee this morning, got about 40 minutes before I head out to an appointment.  The indented quotes are the posts I read that reminded me of my own stories... and the non-indented paragraphs are mine.

My daughter was at the beach and lost her pinky ring in the sand somewhere. She was bummed. Two years later she's on the same beach in another spot chatting with her friends. She's letting the sand run between her fingers, and what's left is the ring she lost!
I HOPE this happens to me.  And as crazy at it sounds, I truly believe it could.  While swimming in the ocean at South Padre Island, I came out of the water to find my little gold cross was missing from it's chain.  The necklace was still on my neck, still clasped, but the cross was gone.  I haven't been back to South Padre since but the next time I do, even though it will have been a few years later, I still believe I just might find that cross washed up in the sand.  :)
I was driving about 50 mph, and a car ran a stop sign on an on ramp and pulled out right in front of me. I remember bracing for impact and then I was about 300 yards down the highway and I saw the car at the ramp in my rearview, just about to pull out.
This one wasn't my story, but my husbands.  If any readers live in the North, you know all about blizzards, white-outs and horrible snowstorms.  When you live in the 'flat' states of the Northern Midwest, you also know about drifting.   You start with rain, and the interstates get slick.  Then, as the temperature falls, it freezes to a complete layer of pure ice.  Then the rain turns to snow and it covers the highways, roads and interstates.  As it falls it blocks your view, and the wind, having no buildings or trees to block it (because you are in the flat, farmland states) drifts across the roads and often closes them with 3-4 foot drifts.   Now, picture one of these awesome white-outs and my husband, with an hour commute, trying to get home one night after work.

The roads were treacherous, and although warnings were out for people to stay home, and that no emergency vehicles were running (meaning no tow trucks, etc. would be called out so you were on your own if you went off the roads) people like my husband needed to be out as they were trying to make it home.  So many cars were going off the roads into the ditches that my husband lost count.  Keeping speed constant and slow is the way to drive in these conditions.  You don't want to have to tap your brakes, as it makes you spin and slide.  As he was driving, someone up ahead went too fast, started to spin, put on their brakes, and spun out, hitting another car, which also started to spin.  Right in front of my husband, there were approximately 6 cars, all with no where to go and nothing they could do about it on the icy roads and everyone hitting their brakes, spinning out of control and going in to the ditches.

My husband had taken his foot off the accelerator, gently tip tapping the brake but his car was literally right behind all these cars suddenly spinning and smashing into each other.  He knew it was completely out of his hands and there was literally nothing he could do and he was going to be crashing into a car within a second or two, and going to be smashed into from behind as well, so he grasped the steering wheel tight, closed his eyes and prepared for impact.

A few seconds later he wondered where the impact was.  He opened his eyes and he was on the other side of the mangle of cars.  He was still on the icy interstate, going straight and and somehow made it through.  He glanced in the mirror behind him and all 6 of the cars were either spun out and stopped in the middle of the interstate or were in the ditch.  It made no sense, and he had no idea how it happened but he was on the other side of the pile up and still driving exactly as he was a few seconds earlier when he was behind the mass of cars spinning out in the snow.

Bought my pup a glow in the dark ball. Tossed the ball for him to grab, and poof. Gone. Nowhere to be found ANYWHERE. dog was going crazy looking for it. It was just gone.
When we got our two dogs I bought them chew toys but they were champion chewers and had things demolished in hours.  So I looked hard to find the 'indestructible' chew toys.  I also was afraid of choking so I made sure they were always quite large as well as being the kind that dogs can't eat.  I had bought the dogs large 10-11 inch chew toys that looked like bones.   They were still puppies and still being house trained so I had them corralled in the kitchen while I went into the bedroom and bathroom area.  They were so excited to get new 'toys' so I gave the first dog hers, tossed the second one in the air and the 2nd dog jumped up for it to grab it in her mouth.  I saw her grab it and I turned to leave the room. When I returned to the kitchen about 7 or 8 minutes later only one dog had a toy.  The second chew toy was missing.  I thought it must have gone under the refrigerator but it wasn't there.  I started to search everywhere for this big almost foot long chew toy.  It was... no where.  After searching the entire kitchen, I expanded to the two rooms adjoining the kitchen.  No toy. 

After exhausting the search, I determined that somehow, the dog must have swallowed it.  As impossible as it would seem, as the chew toy was huge - and bought just so she COULDN'T swallow it.  BUT I brought her into the vet.  I explained to them the missing toy and they said that as long as it was a regular chew toy, it would ultimately dissolve in her stomach IF she swallowed it.  I showed them the 2nd one I had bought; and how I had specifically bought the kind that was 'indestructible' and wasn't digestible.  After seeing the 2nd toy and knowing what they were looking for, they couldn't feel it in her stomach so they did x-rays.  It wasn't there.  She hadn't swallowed it.

We went back home and I again kept looking for it.  The vet had laughed at me when I insisted I couldn't find it anywhere and told me I would find it. Well, we've repainted, remodeled and have moved every appliance, all furniture, etc. and that bone has NEVER been found.  Not in EIGHT years.    

One night, my sisters and mom were asleep in bed, as I was heading up to sleep, I heard the unmistakable sound of all of ours pots and pans hitting the floor in the kitchen. It was really loud. We all heard it.
Oh my gosh... 'the crash'.  We have had this happen in 2 of our homes over the years.  I've seen others online talk about this as well.  When you hear it, it's crazy.  Only ours wasn't just pots and pans, our big 'crashes' always involved the sound of break glass as well.  The last one was in our previous house.  It was about 2:00 am and suddenly we heard a tremendous crash.  It lasted about 5 or 6 seconds and it was a huge kaboom followed by the sound of more crashing, clanging, pots and pans falling and glass falling, breaking and shattering in a million pieces.

I am a really light sleeper and was up out of bed, and already through the doorway and into the hall by the time the crashing and shattering glass finally stopped.  My husband was wide awake and looking up at me when I said, "Oh man... I think all the cupboards in the kitchen just fell.  All our dishes and glasses just smashed."

We went downstairs expecting to see a huge mess but... nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  We obviously then searched every inch of the house from the basement to the kids rooms, bathrooms... nothing.  There was not one thing broken or out of place but the crashing definitely had been in our home, and right at the base of our stairs.  We ended up shaking our heads, talking about the one other time it happened in our first house and then went back to sleep.   


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