The Senate: What would you like? Milk, Water and/or Candy?

If I was a Senator right now, having to sit through the bogus hearings going on... not only would I pissed at the Dems wasting my time, but I'd be especially irritated that my only choices of things to eat and drink are milk, water and... candy!

Yes, all members of the Senate must follow some rules that kind of, sort of stem from a comment made in 1966 (whether this part is true or not, I'm not sure but I read it was) that the Senate was allowed to drink water.  Someone asked if milk was allowed and was told there wasn't anything specifically banning milk... so that was taken as a 'yes'.  And so... milk and water.

What about coffee!?

Is there anything that specifically bans coffee?  Because like milk, if there wasn't a rule specifically banning coffee... I want coffee!

And what's up with the candy thing?

I saw a list of the candy and it's chocolate.

That is the first problem.  YUCK!

And second?

All sugar and fat.

Rolo's and MilkyWay and yada yada....

Now, it just so happens not only do I not like chocolate, and don't care for candy in general... I hate milk!  Seriously, I've not drank milk since I was about 3 years old.  By the time I was 4 my parents realized I really truly hated it and didn't push it on me.   I had a nun in Catholic elementary school that did... I think I blogged about that before.  But this girl hasn't been a 'milk' drinker since it came from an infant's bottle.

So basically, if I was a Senator right now I'd be existing on water.

Candy makes me nauseated and throw up... maybe if ate some, got sick and had to run out of the room to vomit, I could then quickly sneak a hot coffee from a kiosk and some crackers or something non-sweet from a vending machine, hide, drink coffee, nibble on the crackers and go back into the Senate chambers to sit and silently sip my water.