What I'm Drinking This Morning: Peet's Dark Roast Coffee - House Blend

A few days ago I did an update of sorts as to why I hadn't reviewed any coffee lately.  It's because my husband and I have been drinking Sumatra blend by Starbucks almost exclusively for a while now.  Just because it's been easy... and yeah, it's good.  I've been buying my k-cups by the 72 count box at a big warehouse store when I get regular groceries and it's worked out well for the past few months as I've just been snowed under by some busy life things going on since September.  BUT if you recall my post a few days ago, I said I'd be reviewing 2 new coffee's soon and this is one of them!

Peet's Coffee, and in particular, the House Blend, dark roast.

I've seen Peet's many, many times over the years, and I have no doubt I've probably drank it at one time or another when we've bought or been gifted a box of 'variety' flavor coffee.  But I've never searched it out specifically to try.  I've never been impressed by the goofy font used on the logo, and frankly, no one I personally know had raved about it or even talked about it.

Then again, if we still lived in California, I'm sure I would have tried it by now... but we moved away years ago and it's not been on my radar.

MY THOUGHTS:  Wow.  I'm impressed.  I really am!  Because I honestly thought this was going to be another 'grocery store coffee' but it wasn't.

My husband was gifted this and another coffee at Christmas by someone at work who knows he loves his coffee.  I had zero expectations for it this morning other than to 'try' it...  and it ends up it tastes like a coffee house coffee.  Without the coffee house coffee burnt taste that many places have - especially Starbucks.  (For the record I brew Starbucks Sumatra at home, but I never get Starbucks coffee at their retail venue because it tastes like burnt crap.  No wonder most people get fancy-dancy and doctored up coffee there - lots of milk, cream, foam, flavorings...  it's to cover the taste of their burnt coffee!) 

I drink my coffee strong, very hot, and black. 

So thoughts I had while sipping; 
  • "Hmm, tastes like a coffee house coffee, without the burnt taste."
  • "Almost a sweet undertone."
  • "Definitely a sweet aftertaste"
  • "Smooth.  Dark roast, yet light."
  • "Not as smokey or heavy as Sumatra.  A very easy coffee to drink."
  • "I think I'll brew a second!"

Peet's Coffee House Blend, Dark Roast, 60 Count Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Pods

I love history, and that extends to random history bits I look up about various products and companies online, just not American History (my favorite) or world history.  Because I'm not a Peetnik (apparently that's a thing... and it might give you an inclination to where Peet's Coffee started...) here is a little blurb about the history of Peet's.
From the Peet's Coffee website:
"Ever since Alfred Peet opened the doors of his first small Berkeley shop in 1966, Peet's has been known as a pioneer of fine, distinctive coffees — high-grown, higher quality, and deeply roasted to maximize flavor. House Blend is a perfect introduction to our signature style. First crafted by Mr. Peet, this blend of carefully selected, choice beans from our favorite Latin American origins brews a quality cup that's uniquely rich and approachable, with a pleasant spiciness. It's deep-roasted by hand in small batches to impart the most flavor and aroma. And like all our coffees, each roast is delivered unimaginably fresh."

While I was typing this, my husband woke up and came into the office to kiss me and say good morning.  He asked if I was reviewing the Peet's Coffee and answered in the affirmative.  His first comment was;  I liked it!

We commenced to have a conversation about it in the kitchen while we let the dogs out and he brewed his own first cup of the morning;  and then I came into the office and brewed my 'regular' Sumatra.

Guess what?  After two cups of Peet's Dark Roast House Blend... the Sumatra, even brewed at 8 ounce instead of my normal 6 oz, seems... heavy.  Smokey.  Dark.  Rough.  The Peet's was much, much lighter and crisper.

I think I see some Peet's House Blend - Dark Roast in our future.  


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