Woman sues Mormon church for $10 million for revealing husband's child sex abuse - but her reasoning is flawed because there IS NO PRIEST-PENITENT-PRIVILEGE. There are no trained clergy at all.

Yeah, uh, Mormon's are not Christians, they don't have a 'church' or 'services' or even beliefs that are the norm of Christ-based religions.  They also have no actual clergy... so there is no PRIEST-PENITENT-PRIVILEGE.  Because there is no priest or pastor.

Oregon woman sues Mormon church for $10 million for revealing husband's child sex abuse

"An Oregon woman is suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for $9.54 million after her husband's confession to church leaders led to his arrest, conviction and imprisonment on child sexual abuse charges.

The lawsuit, which accuses local church leaders of violating confidentiality and the "priest-penitent privilege," contrasts sharply with other cases accusing the church claiming the exact opposite – failing to report abuse to authorities and treating sex abuse like a sin instead of a crime.

The lawsuit, filed in Marion County Circuit Court, involves a Turner, Oregon, man convicted of abuse after he confessed to clergy that he had repeated sexual contact with a minor.

Church officials did not respond Tuesday to requests for comment on whether the actions of local leaders were sanctioned by the church."


Leadership positions in the Church are filled by those who have no formal training in theology or Church administration. 

This includes bishops, stake presidents, Area Authority Seventies, Relief Society presidents, priests, teachers, deacons, and elders, etc. 

The 'bishop' they are confessing to and getting counseling from is most likely a dentist, insurance agent or realtor/developer who is volunteering to be the bishop (called to be and accepted the offer).  

ZERO training.
You are basically confessing to your dentist.