Did you see the video of the Dad and little girl JUST released from quarantine? And how he is coughing non-stop? Does the Coronavirus know it's got a 14 day limit on symptoms? LOL


If any of you have seen the video of the interview with this guy, you just HAVE to wonder... has anyone bothered to tell the Coronavirus it has to show symptoms in 14 days?  Because... hello?  The guy starts coughing - can't stop - and takes a sip of his daughter's water bottle - hands it back to her and she drinks from it.

They were literally just released from quarantine... and my first thought was that 14 days is a pretty 'standard' "Meh, symptoms should probably show up by then" given.  But then I saw an article from Reuters that a guy in China showed symptoms 27 days later and yes, tested positive.

I'm hoping this Dad, Frank Wucinski contacts his doctor to get tested again.  And if I was him, I'd personally be telling them to retest me regularly for the next 2 weeks just be sure!  Especially if I was full time parent of a beautiful little toddler, like he is.


The CDC suggests symptoms usually appear within 14 days - based on MERS-CoV viruses - because Coronavirus is new so they don't know how it functions.  They have to compare to similar viruses.

Source:   https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms.html

Reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness and death for confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure*:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

But wait!  It's possible that the Coronavirus never got the message on how long it's allowed to incubate before it rears it's ugly head... this guy didn't show symptoms for 27 days and then, YEP, tested positive.

Source:  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-incubation/coronavirus-incubation-could-be-as-long-as-27-days-chinese-provincial-government-says-idUSKCN20G06W

Coronavirus incubation could be as long as 27 days, Chinese provincial government says

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A 70-year-old man in China’s Hubei Province was infected with coronavirus but did not show symptoms until 27 days later, the local government said on Saturday, meaning the virus’ incubation period could be much longer than the presumed 14 days.

A longer incubation period could complicate efforts to contain spread of the epidemic that has so far killed more than 2,000 people and spread outside China.

The man, only identified by his family name, Jiang, on Jan. 24 drove his car back to Shennongjia, in northwestern Hubei, from eastern Ezhou, where he had close contact with his sister, who had been infected, according to the government website of Hubei, the virus epicenter.

He had a fever on Feb. 20 and tested positive for coronavirus a day later, according to the government statement.


There are currently over 83,000 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide with over 78,000 cases in mainland China. The United States has recorded 60 cases and 33 of those 60 have been in the state of California. Thus far, there have been over 2,800 deaths recorded.

*This is based on what has been seen previously as the incubation period of MERS-CoV viruses.

Ahh... LOL. It's turning out to be 'one of those days'

It's almost 3:pm and although I had high hopes for today, I think I'm about ready to admit defeat and just hang out and watch old episodes of Friends for a couple hours.

Nothing major and 'BIG' just all those little pesky things that chip away at you as you try to accomplish... stuff.

The latest was just a comedy of errors after awhile.

I've been wanting to spray weed killer on the edge of our woods and the path to the creek as it gets so covered in sharp briars that humans can't even attempt to walk in that area.  I've ruined many pairs of denim jeans as they are so sharp they easily catch and tear everything.  (Not to mention the punctures, cuts and bleeding scrapes they've caused.)  And they are prolific.  I wanted to weed out a couple paths so for the past 2 weeks I've tried to make time.

Today was it.

I grabbed some "kill weeds and grass" Round Up and my rubber boots and headed downstairs to the garage.
Grabbed the "Kill only weeds but not grass" as well so I could do the landscape area.
Saw the granules to sprinkle around the bushes and roses to kill weeds that need to be applied before they grow in the spring, so I grabbed those too and headed out.
Tried to use the sprayer that comes on the first Round Up (battery powered) and it won't work.
This is the 2nd time I've tried.  But I started from scratch, took it all apart, reassembled and still... no.
So I put it down and tried the blue Round Up with the manual sprayer.
It sprayed somewhat but was leaking all over my hand.
Went into the house to wash my hands with soap.
Went upstairs to get my gloves.
Back outside and back to the sprayer.
Since it was leaking more on my hand than spraying the weeds in the lawn, I went back into the garage and got the empty general spray container that you fill and pump and spray manually.
I poured the blue Round Up into it and screwed everything back in place.
Tried to pump it to get it to build up pressure to spray but it wouldn't spray.
The pressure was built up - but no spray.
Disassembled, reassembled and tried again.
No spray.

In the meantime my neighbors Boxer decides our yard is HIS yard and decides to approach me and stand growling at me, as if I'm the one encroaching on his territory and not the other way around.

My two big dogs in the house didn't take kindly to this and started to bark like crazy from in the house, jumping at the window.

I ignored grumpy big Boxer and talked in a sing song sweet voice to my weed killer and didn't make eye contact, nor turned my back to the dog.  Just did my own thing so he would see I'm not a threat.

Finally the neighbors heard the ruckus and must have shocked a collar or something because he suddenly quieted down and walked back to his own yard.

I still couldn't get the sprayer to work.  This is the THIRD sprayer counting both the Round Up sprayers that come on the containers plus my own manual sprayer.  Granted, that one is like, 7 years old now and maybe the gaskets/seals are worn and dry by now... but it worked 1 1/2 years ago when I last used it.

Still... I admitted defeat.

Everything put away and although I did not get the briar patches sprayed, I did get the granules down around the roses and shrubs so I'll take that at least.

... just ONE of the many tasks I've attempted today and was thwarted at every turn.


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Rambling Over Coffee: Saturday Morning



Rambling over Coffee: I just ordered 5 similar dresses on Amazon hoping one will be perfect!


I have an event coming up in 2 weeks and I'm not a shopper, but I need a dress for it.  A casual, not dressy dress.  But a dress.

But again... I'm not a shopper.  I get most of my clothes at the same time I'm buying my groceries at Sam's Club!  LOL.  The only two things I get elsewhere are my jeans from American Eagle and my shoes from Rack Room (because I get buy 1, get one half off).

I went online and realized a regular, average dress on any number of sites was going to cost me about $60+  Meh.  And I really don't want to go have to try on clothes in a real store.  So... off to Amazon.

I found a bunch of dresses I liked - some of them listed by no less than 20 different sellers - for prices that ranged from $12 up to $55 for the SAME EXACT DRESS.  So I took my time, researched, read reviews, blah blah.... and came up with 5 dresses.   Here are two of them... the others are similar.


Because they are Chinese made/sold through Amazon, you know it's hit or miss.
They run small (up to 3 sizes too small) are often made of weird fabric, or you'll get a completely different fabric and pattern than what the photos show.  You just never know what you're going to get - (life is like a box of chocolates....  that went through my head when I typed that last sentence).

The red dress shown was listed SO many times by SO many sellers and ranged over $50 in pricing but I managed to find all FIVE DRESSES FOR $12.99 and $13.99 EACH!  YAY!  So you know what I did, right?

Ordered all 5.

I got all five dresses for what would be the price of one elsewhere.  And I really, really like all five that I ordered.

Out of 5, at least 1 has to fit, right?  I'm guess that at least 2 or 3 will work well and the others will either work as well OR, I do have 2 daughters to pass some along to. 

These are going to be perfect for vacation at the beach this summer too.

I'll update to let you know (if anyone cares) LOL.

And now, my husband is due home, and I've got to figure out what to throw together for dinner.  Have a great night everyone!

Goodbye Mio Mocha Java.... discontinued

About two months ago I was at the grocery store buying my regular little bottles of  MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java Iced Coffee Concentrate and the Vanilla Java.  I always keep these on hand - always. I noticed a little 'discontinued product' sign in front of them. 

I assumed it was just my little grocery store was going to stop selling them and I'd get them from Walmart or one of my other stores.  I didn't give it much more thought and simply bought my regular 2 bottles.

I started to use them a few years ago during my long distance cross-country drives.  Mixed with regular water I thought they were awful, but I would choke them down as they truly were one of the only things I found that gave me that boost of energy and caffeine to wake me up after 7, 9, 12 hours driving.  It wasn't long before I figured out how to make them better for my travels.

I would take a water bottles I had already used, and refill them 1/3 (a third)  with water.  I would freeze them solid.  On the morning I'd be traveling, or even if I would be running errands and would like iced coffee later, I'd grab the frozen bottles, add a splash of almond milk, half and half, cream or even sugar free creamer;  whatever I felt like that day.  Then fill the rest with water and add a squirt of Mio flavoring.  Into the car I'd go and by the time I was ready for a nice cold iced coffee, the ice would have made my drink icy cold and ready.  YUM!!!!

As a matter of fact, I just decided to open my 'coffee cupboard' right now and snap a quick picture on my cellphone...  Mio. Mio. Mio.  Yep, I use them. I like them. I keep them stocked.

At home (when I'm not traveling) my "GO TO" iced coffee is a tall glass filled with ice that I then add a dark roast Starbucks Sumatra that I've brewed at the 4 oz. size (basically making it espresso). It melts the ice a little bit as it goes in.  Then, a squirt of Mio (either vanilla or mocha) and I fill with almond milk, maybe a dash of vanilla syrup, and top with a swirl of real whipped cream.  

The best iced coffee ever with the energy boost that gets me through the 2:00 pm brick wall I always hit.

And now...  I found out it's NOT JUST MY GROCERY STORE DISCONTINUING THEM. All the stores I was checking were either out or discontinued. 

I tried to find them at Walmart last week and they were gone.  Not even a space for them any longer.  I was busy and didn't think much about it until yesterday when I made two (2) iced coffee's and as I looked at my stash of Mio's in the cupboard, I remembered that both my regular grocery stores didn't have them now... and I had that light bulb moment when I decided I'd better check online to see if I could buy them from Walmart.com....

And that's when I saw vanilla was still available but the mocha java was all "out of stock".... uh-oh.

Sure enough, it seems they are being discontinued by Kraft.  The mother ship company.  And even though they had the image on their site, when I clicked on the product, it told me the product was 'too new' to tell me anything about it.  Uh, these have been out for like, 4+ years at least.  Not new.  It looks like they took down the product description in the 'where to buy' section.

This, my friends is my entire and complete stash of Mio's from my cupboard at this particular moment.  And that makes me sad because I haven't seen any similar products sold at my groceries to replace them.

Apparently, RIP Mio Iced Coffee Flavorings....

Related to my post... but probably not available for long.  

MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java Iced Coffee Concentrate 1.62 fl. oz. (Pack of 6)

  MIO Liquid Concentrate, Iced Mocha Java and Iced Vanilla Java


And so it begins... sigh. unusually high voter registration rates -- in some cases, they found more registered voters than actual people eligible to vote.

Group threatens lawsuits over ‘suspiciously high’ voter registration rates in swing states

..... with unusually high voter registration rates -- in some cases, they found more registered voters than actual people eligible to vote.

Rambling Over Coffee: Pondering the safety of a solo hiking/camping trip this year - because "I'm Just a Girl"

(Photos are from previous trips)

Something in the back of my mind and being pondered, thought over, debated and prayed about is the decision to do my next cross-country "GIRLS ROAD TRIP" except, it wouldn't be plural this time.  Sigh.  Hence the pondering.

It would be singular "GIRL ROAD TRIP 2020" as my camping/hiking partner can't go this year.  

Each year we do a different trip, to a different area of the country.  
This year I really want to head out West again... but a few new areas and at least one new state.

And like it or not, a female traveling alone has to be careful in ways males never even have to consider.  Being in that part of the country with blonde hair and green eyes also makes you stick out like a sore thumb... drawing more attention.

(For the record - I do cross country road trips completely SOLO too.  Very often.  And I also camp and hike SOLO or just with my dogs.  I have to, or I'd never get to go anywhere!  But those are not the same as the trips like this.  Those usually include traveling in safer states, places where there is cell phone coverage, states with safer crime and travel statistics, or places where I know I'm within a days 'help' of a friend or family member if need be. I also tend to stay in hotels for some of those. These bigger 2-3 week trips to the middle of no where are different.  These are the 4,000 mile cross country camping and hiking trips with no power, little cell phone reception, camping and living outside for 2-3 weeks, carrying my own food and water and sleeping in a tent.)

I'm always hyper-aware of safety when she and I travel.  But even so, we've had more than our share of creepers and stalkers.  I have had stalkers and creepers my whole life, so my 'spidey sense' is strong but even so.... I'm not stupid enough to be cocky.  Cocky gets you harmed.

I can't take the dogs with me as 4 of the trails I plan to hike are 'no dog zones'.  Also they have a hard time doing hikes due to knee and hip issues they were born with.

I know I won't sleep if I don't have the dogs with me and if I'm by myself.  I don't even sleep when my camping partner is with.  I hover in that light sleep mode where I'm constantly drifting in and out, alert for all sounds. 

Most of my camping and hiking will be solo and off the beaten path. Because I really, really hate crowds.  However, due to safety, I would plan to stay 4 nights in an actual campground at one point.  (Yeah, one of my pet peeves...  RV-ers, loud generators, dogs barking, kids screaming, other people EVERYWHERE you go, gross bathrooms, loud talking and music far into the night... the list goes on).  But for my safety, and KNOWING I had a place to sleep in that particular area of the country,  I would make reservations there and stay there.

Which is why I'm pondering 'hard' right now.

Because this particular area can get pretty populated and the campground opens up their reservation system 6 months to the day 'out'.  People literally are logging in at midnight to grab a reservation and for permits to some of the places you need a permit to hike in that area.

My window of opportunity is coming up quick.
So I need to make my final decision.

To go or not to go.

And for those of you 'new' to Coffee Talking and don't know little details about me... my husband is a non-camper, non-traveler, non-hiker. He's a homebody who literally goes to work and comes home again.  He doesn't even like running a simple errand.  He will not camp or hike or go on a vacation unless it's the one I plan and book at the beach each year.  In a rental or a hotel room.

There are only a couple people I think I could travel, live and sleep with 24/7 for almost 2 weeks.  But for reasons I'm not going to type out, they aren't actually options.

The easiest thing would be for my husband to come with.  That would instantly give me a level of safety... even though he and I don't travel well together.  However, I've been asking him for a couple months now and nope.  He's more fine with me going all by myself solo than he is with him having to go with.

It really comes down to me, myself and I.

And a lot of details not in this post (obviously).  But it's constantly and consistently on my mind.

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little ol' me
Well don't let me out of your sight
Oh, I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights
Oh, I've had it up to here!
The moment that I step outside
So many reasons
For me to run and hide
I can't do the little things
I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those little things
That I fear
'Cause I'm just a girl
I'd rather not be
'Cause they won't let me drive
Late at night
Oh I'm just a girl
Guess I'm some kind of freak
'Cause they all sit and stare
With their eyes
Oh I'm just a girl
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype
Oh, I've had it up to here!

From the news: Democrats block the bill requiring doctors to provide care to babies who survive abortions....

From the news....

Senate Democrats block bill requiring doctors to provide medical care to newborns who survive abortions

"Many killed," churches burned as Boko Haram terrorists storm Nigerian town


A petition is now calling for state legislators to make it illegal for individuals to wait too long before reporting a missing infant. “Evelyn’s Law” would make it illegal to wait longer than 24 to 72 hours to report a missing child.

AMBER Alert: Evelyn Mae Boswell


A petition is now calling for state legislators to make it illegal for individuals to wait too long before reporting a missing infant. “Evelyn’s Law” would make it illegal to wait longer than 24 to 72 hours to report a missing child.

More than 15,300 people have signed the petition. The goal is to get 25,000 signatures.
If you are interested, you can sign the petition at change.org. 

Rambling Over Coffee: it ended up being about Native brand deodorant, hmph. Weird topic. I didn't see that coming!

It's morning time!  Wake up!

I'm into my second cup of strong, hot, black coffee.  I am hoping (oh I'm hoping) I might not have to go anywhere today and can stay home to pretend I'm a 'house' wife. I got much accomplished yesterday afternoon after I was home but I always have a list a mile long of things I want/need to do.

Speaking of yesterday; random chit chat about deodorant.

Native brand deodorant - heard of it?  (This sounds like a sponsored post but it's not...).

My youngest daughter started to use it last year (although I didn't know this at the time, because... why would I?) and it was only when we were running errands together one day a few months ago, we discussed this brand as she picked some up to put in her cart to purchase.

(Background:  she and I stopped using anti-antiperspirants years ago because of the aluminum and other toxins put into a product that stops your body from (ironically) sweating to get rid of toxins in your body! We've been using homemade deodorant and then later, the Arm & Hammer natural brands once they came out with them and it was easier and faster than making our own.) 

The discussion the day we went shopping together for deodorant wasn't about the product itself   but was all about the topic:  "TWELVE DOLLARS FOR DEODORANT!? What the heck!?"

She said the first time she tried it, she only wanted a natural deodorant, was in a hurry to buy household goods and groceries, grabbed it instead of the normal natural brand, threw it into her cart and didn't realize until it was scanned during the check out process that it was almost 12 bucks.

By that time it was in the bag and she kicked herself quietly and thought about how stupid she was to have spent that much on it.  She never would have bought it had she known.

But then... it worked.  It worked really well.  It worked so well that $12 or not, it became her go-to deodorant.  I wasn't sold.  While she grabbed her brand, I grabbed my $2.89 brand.

  Native Deodorant - Natural Deodorant - Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free - Free of Aluminum, Parabens and Sulfates - Born in the USA - Coconut and Vanilla

Last weekend I was running errands that included my local Walmart and decided to try it.  I took forever to smell all the scents, finally chose one, got over the disgust at the price of $12 and put it in the basket.

About 2 aisles later, I looked down at an end cap and saw a 3 pack of Native deodorants on clearance.  For $15.  WHAT?  So the scents were iffy.  One was a great one but then they put the rose and lavender and the cucumber and mint in there with it.  I hate everything cucumber scented but I debated.  Hemmed and hawed.

To get 3 for basically what was the price of ONE?

I couldn't pass that up.  And I could always give the cucumber mint to my daughter... maybe she would like it.

Then I thought, maybe she would like a pack of 3 as well.  So I took a photo, texted to her and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  She was at work so she didn't get it right away.  I put the box back, continued my shopping and then, when I was on the other side of the store, she got back to me with an enthusiastic YES PLEASE!

So back to the end cap I went.  I bought a 3 pack for her and a 3 pack for me.

3 for the price of 1 basically.

And then?

I loved them!  I was so happy I tried them.  They worked great - better than my regular brand - and even the cucumber mint wasn't so bad once it was on.

Yesterday I headed back to Walmart to buy more curtains for my sewing project, and since it had only been 3 days since I had been there last, I headed over to the back end-cap to get another box of the clearance Native deodorant 3-pack.

And they weren't there.

I looked at all the end caps.  I looked in the clearance aisle.  I looked in the regular deodorant aisle.

Woe is me.

I was hoping that $15 for deodorant was too steep of a price for a regular Walmart shopper in this particular small, farming town and the 3 or 4 boxes would still be there.  But nope.  Another saavy, natural deodorant wearing somebody had spied the great deal at some point in the previous 2-3 days and snatched them up.

They were gone.

I was so disappointed, I had to stop in the aisle and just have a moment of silence for my own dumb decision to have not bought a second package when I bought the first.  A rookie mistake.  When you find a great clearance deal, you jump on it.  I know this, but I had failed.

The 3-packs on the Native website sell for $36.



When I sat down with my coffee this morning I had no idea what I'd chat about.
Interesting that it went to the deodorant story.
But now the dogs are waiting to go 'out' and the last of my coffee is cold.
Time to let them out, feed them and get dressed but... I'll be back!
Because I really, truly did not meant to chit chat about deodorant this morning.

However... if you see the 3 pack on clearance at your local Walmart... snatch it up.  It's a great deal.


Rambling Over Coffee: Good Morning!!! (updated)

Updated chit chat.

Good Morning coffee friends!

Home from a couple errands and because I'm still procrastinating putting away clean clothes, folding another load of laundry, doing another load of wash, and doing dishes (among other things) I thought I'd hang out online for a bit with some fresh coffee.

This morning I had chit-chatted about using curtains as fabric to cover some couch cushions.

Update:  The couch is an older green couch with roses on the cushions - great shape but ugly pattern. Our daughter put a new gray slipcover over the couch and loveseat but they use giant pillow/cushions as the 'back' of the furniture, and have smaller decorative pillows as well.

We discussed buying more slipcovers to cut up and use as fabric to cover the cushions (so it matches perfectly), but the slipcovers are $95 normally, and $75 on sale - we would need at least 2, if not 3.... so instead, we bought extra packages of the curtains that are being used on the living room window.  This way the curtains will tie in with the couch and loveseat and the gray curtains and slipcovers are very similar shades of gray.  So it will all coordinate and match!

I'll be starting this sewing project either today or tomorrow... I'd like to today but not sure I'll have time.

I've slowly redone most of the main floor of the house to neutral, rustic and 'coastal' influenced decor but the main floor bathroom can't go to a coastal neutral shade because the stone tile is permanent and is dark rustic reds, browns... and the huge pedestal sink and large mirror are more espresso/rubbed bronze-ish so we took out the brushed nickel light fixture, toilet paper holder and faucet and are replacing those with rubbed bronze.  

It will all match for the first time since we moved in... (previous owners replaced the original sink and cabinet with the fancy-dancy pedestal but didn't invest in the matching accessories). (We got the light fixture, faucet, towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc. from Lowes and I got a bronze waste basket from Walmart - but I will link to some options from Amazon too!)

When we 'donated' a lot of our furniture and items to the newlywed couple for their home, I was left with an empty loft area/movie room upstairs.  Ordered a sectional, used a couple cream/beige pillow covers I already owned and added a rustic jute rug.  This morning I bought some fabric to make a center lumbar (long rectangle) decorative pillow... it's added to the sewing list.


You might be interested in some of the products related to this post available through Amazon if you can't find options locally:

  Serta Harmon Sectional, Cream

  Checkered, cotton linen decorative pillow covers

  Moen Caldwell Pivoting Paper Holder, Mediterranean Bronze

Caldwell Mediterranean Bronze Towel Ring

Caldwell Mediterranean Bronze 24" Double Towel Bar


Sure Bernie, let's talk about his literacy program.....

When you order fast food, stop pausing after every item or at least say "AND" so they know you are not done ordering!

Tonight I stumbled upon an old random blog - and by old, I mean 2008-2012 ish.  Back when blogging was a thing.  So I'm reading and one of the posts sometime in 2010 was about how exasperated she was over fast-food workers giving her the total sale amount before she was finished ordering.

So the example she was complaining about was an evening when she had her pre-teen kids with her and they stopped at two different fast food places to get the meals everyone wanted.  As she placed the first item order (after asking questions about precisely what was in some of the food items) she complained on her blog because the kid taking the order gave her the total and asked her pull around front.  She was upset and told him she wasn't finished ordering yet.  He apologized.  She ordered the other items and then informed him she was finished now.  And he apologized, again, and told her the order total.

Then they went to the second fast food place to order the rest of the items they needed and again, she complained THIS employee ALSO gave her the total amount due... and she wasn't finished ordering yet.

Now, you would think that since this happens to her fairly often and it just happened twice in a row, she MIGHT consider that she MIGHT be the offending party here.  Not the employee.  But it never crossed her mind.

Except apparently, when she was complaining about it at the time, in the car, her daughter immediately and without hesitation pointed out that they probably said the total and assumed she was finished "BECAUSE YOU PAUSED!"


Because this is a tiny pet peeve of mine.

It's how my husband orders too!!  Thankfully we only eat fast food about once a year and only on long car trips because otherwise I might have killed him by now.

This is not someone pausing while making their decision - this is people knowing what they want, and placing an order for 3-4 items and they literally stop and pause after every damn item.  For no reason.  And YES it does sound like you are done because normal people would say "I'll take two cheeseburgers, a large diet Coke, a number 7 and extra tartar sauce."  PAUSE.

Not people that order like my husband (and apparently the aforementioned blogger).

"Yeah, I'll uh take... two cheeseburgers..............."

"Will that be all?"

"No, I also want a large diet Coke with that too............."

"Ok, two cheeseburgers and a large diet Coke, your total is----"

"And a number 7..........................."

"Ok I have ----"

"And I also need extra tartar sauce...................."

Silence because now they KNOW this guy is pausing after everything...

"That's all."

"Ok.  Your order is $16.72, please pull around to the first window."

And in the passenger seat you see me looking exasperated and angry and telling him


I told him at the very LEAST and the word "and" so they know you are not done and are ordering another item.  


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Blogs are great at helping me procrastinate! - Random Questions

Blogging about nothing because, procrastination.

In order to procrastinate, I did a random search for 'list' 'questions' and this one from Tumblr popped up.

1. My husband. On the deck on a random day when I noticed the SUN miraculously came out after days of nothing but cold and rain.  I walked outside to stand quietly, and put my face up to the sun, basking in the moment. He saw me walk by. He also walked out, didn't say a word, grasped my hand and stood with his face up to the sun too.  We stood holding hands, faces up to the warmth of the sun, in complete silence.

2.  I'm a weird mixture of being extremely shy and anxiety ridden when it comes to going to meetings, appointments, finding a place to sit in the bleachers, having to talk to other parents, holding things at my house (freak out mode), even making phone calls (I can't and won't call to order a pizza), etc.  but when I'm out and about running errands, I can easily make conversations with complete strangers and I'm one of the friendliest and most helpful, cheerful and easy to approach people you could ever meet.  So I don't know if I'm shy or outgoing... both.

3.  I am looking forward to seeing my oldest daughter and her little family when they come to visit us in March!!

4.  VERY easy to get along with.  I will always find the things I have in common with someone and base a friendship, conversation or relationship with them based on all the wonderful qualities they have and the things we love/like.  I don't dwell on our differences, but embrace our similarities.  I also follow through with whatever I say I'm going to do.

5.  Many times.  All relationships have peaks and valleys.  Friendships, romances, marriages, even family dynamics.

6.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around 'being drunk' because it's highly unlikely.

7.  Yes, two months from now I assume I'll still be married.  LOL.

8.  Assuming not my husband or my son, I'll say I've thought of 2 old teenage boyfriends this past weekend after I heard a song on the radio whose lyrics reminded me of them.  (JANA KRAMER - I GOT THE BOY)

9.  Not usually... but talking about weird, violent or strange sex or inappropriate or disgusting things would.

10.  My last deep conversation...  hmm.  Probably my husband but possibly my Uncle.

11.  My last text says "he looks so much like you!!!"

12.  I feel that abortion is absolutely killing a fellow human being and that if the baby has a heartbeat, and you kill the baby to end your pregnancy, then you committed murder.

13.  I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate big crowds of people.  And I avoid them when able.

14.  I believe in... chance.  And for some reason, some people have better chance ratio than others, but I don't know that I'd call it luck.  As for miracles...  I believe they are possible but I don't believe most of what are deemed 'miracles' are really miracles at all.

15.  Umm, a daughter got married this past summer.  The wedding was beautiful, stunning and perfect.  So that was good.

16.  Absolutely.

17.  Hmm.  Not in our galaxy.  But the possibility of life on another planet in another galaxy may exist if the plants are similar to ours and there is one with similar qualities as Earth.

18.  No, I lost touch with my first crush when he moved to another state after 5th grade.

19.  I only like bubble baths for the first minute or two.  Then the moment has passed.  I'm bored, I'm hot and I want out.

20.  I don't really know my neighbors well enough to like or not like.  I met the first neighbors under not-great terms and we've avoided each other since then - about 4 or 5 years now.  The other neighbors seem nice but we've only yelled our hellos across the ravine and my husband went over to help them move something heavy once.

21.  First bad habit that comes to mind is that I don't like hang-nails or even the tiniest bit of rough skin around my nail bed so I will chew the dry skin around my nails (although I don't bite my nails at all - that's stomach turning).  But I often make my fingertips bleed and are sore and swollen if I pull too hard and it rips into 'live' skin.

22.  At this very second?  I'd like to travel to.... Iceland, Belgium, Arizona, Utah and New Zealand.

23.  Yes. Which is why I don't feel the need to make a lot of friends. Quality over quantity.

24.  BEDTIME!  I love when I can finally crawl into bed and read, read, read and read.

25.  Good question!  I think I'm currently most uncomfortable with... my inner thighs.  But it changes daily between my thighs and the dark circles under my eyes that never, ever go away.

26.  I... get up and immediately make the bed.

27.  I wish my skin was a little bit darker.  I look healthy with some color and horrible with pale skin.

28.  Most comfortable with my youngest daughter.

29.  Yes.

30.  I already am married, but if anything should happen... yes, I'd want to be married again at some point.  I love being married and love marriage.

31.  Yes. My hair is down to about the middle of my back and I wear it in a ponytail at some point almost every day.

32.  Absolutely none and never.  I would never, ever, in my lifetime have a threesome.  It's not even a discussion point.

33.  tfedfdrfrdkji

34.  ROTFL... oh LOL... LOL... ROTFL... let me take a moment to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes...  uh... no.

35.  Easy. I've lived without TV for about 20 years now.  For real.  But I wouldn't want to ever live without music.

36.  Interesting question.  I've never thought about that before.  Yes.

37.  I don't have a go-to that I say during awkward silences.   But I hate them... and I do try to start a conversation of some sort.

38.  Yes.  When it's a difference of more than about 12-15 years.

39.  Grocery stores.

40.  I need to change this question to what DID I want to do after high school (but it IS concerning that the threesome question was on a question list geared to high schoolers.)  I originally wanted to be either an emergency room doctor or a marine biologist.  However, I felt the vocation to be married and have children stronger than any career so I decided being a teacher would be the better choice as it would be easier to work and raise my family with this career rather than being a doctor.

41. No.

42.  It probably means I want to be left alone, I'm enjoying silence and I don't want you to speak to me.

43.  Yes.  I smile at strangers.  I also say hello, excuse me, give a random compliment, offer to help if they look like they need it and basically am just friendly and approachable to everyone.

44.  Neither.  Outer space and the bottom of the ocean both would be out of MY control and therefore, I'm not comfortable in either situation.  My life would be in someone elses hands.  I have a hard time letting someone else DRIVE if I'm in the car.  Much less in outer space or miles under water.

45.  Uh... no.  Not if this question is geared towards college.  I like solitude.

46.  Paranoid is a strong word.  I am a 'worrier' and I'm always filled with anxiety about a hundred different 'what ifs' but I don't think I'm legit paranoid about anything.

47.  My Mother told me she wished I had been born a boy. But I had a million mean things said to me in my life.  Lots.

48.  Nice things don't tend to 'stick' with you like mean things do - but years ago, I had a biker/tattoo artist that I respected and was one of the kindest guys I've met, tell me that I was truly a 'lady' and one of the only true 'ladies' he had ever met and he was honored to know me.

(RANDOM:  so I just decided to look him up on the internet due to this question and sadly... I found he passed away in 2012. Apparently of cancer. RIP... he made an impact on many lives. I teared up a little bit reading he had passed away.  He was a good man.)


 49.  I don't think so.

50.  I've always wanted to learn French.  I've attempted twice but classes were cancelled due to not enough people signing up, and the second was 'self-teaching' with workbooks but not hearing it spoke meant I could 'read' it but I was mangling it.  Most recently, I did a couple lessons online but LIFE.  So I've not found time to seriously buckle down and MAKE myself do lessons.

*While I was answering question number 47, one of my daughter's called.  She has the day off and wants me to run errands with her.  So... it looks like my procrastination of the day is over and I'm off to run errands with a random child of mine.


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Rambling over morning coffee.....

We've been dreading this week...   Mr. Coffee and I have, that is.

My husband has a 'new' boss that is, hmmm.  Something else.  Everyone in this entire district is standing there staring at this guy with their mouths hanging open, looking at each other and asking "How the hell did this guy get hired?  Who does he know?  What goods does he have on someone higher up?"

He's actually been in his 'position' for over a month now (almost 2 I think)  but even though he's supposedly had this exact job in the past, he had/has NO idea what to do or how to do it so he's been in 'training' for 4+ weeks, then meetings and then the company was buying him a house and moving him and now, he's finally going to go around and supposedly start doing his job but....  he's informed the person he's been shadowing and training with that they have to spend the next two weeks with him, still training him.  HIS request - not the company's.  This guy has NO IDEA what he is doing.

It's almost like he completely lied and faked his resume' because seriously...  clueless.  To the point where even people not in our district that saw him and overheard him were asking my husband and others just "WHO" that angry, rude, pissed off guy was that was yelling at them at the meeting?  "Oh, that's our new boss..."

For the record, new bosses in this position in the past usually come in, get about 2 weeks of training and then... start.

This guy has been learning and training and shadowing since....  Christmas week I think.  Something like that.

The sad thing is that at his corporate level he doesn't have a 'boss' to see what he's doing.  It's all managed from a few states away... so he basically does whatever he wants and all they look at are the numbers.  They have no idea he is clueless, unprofessional, is being hand-held and literally taught every little detail of how to do his job...  for over a month now... and by the same person that wanted and should have been hired for his job.

This week and next is the first one-on-one time all the people in this area will be truly meeting him and speaking with him (because they weren't allowed to talk to him for the past month - he could talk to them but he refused to speak to anyone under him and they couldn't talk without permission.  And he didn't speak.  He screamed. He swore. He threatened.  About things that weren't even... an issue.

Like, he would be screaming on conference calls that the sky is BLUE.  Do you hear me?  BLUE.  And I don't want anyone to tell me otherwise!  If I say the sky is blue then damnit, that fucking sky is BLUE!  DO YOU ALL AGREE?  I didn't hear you! Speak the fuck up!  Every one of you, one at a time, do you agree!?"

A gem of a new boss, right?

We only wish he had a boss that was able to see him and hear him... but no.

So, we expect now that he's officially 'here' he's going to prove how big his balls are by firing people left and right and showing everyone 'who's boss'.

Meanwhile, all the friends across the country at other locations really like their area bosses.  Apparently this guy has the wrong idea about how to manage people and what the company wants.

But... he's here.
And this is what we got.

So... yeah.

A bit nervous about the husbands job for the next few months until this guy... settles down.

Don't mind my rambling... I just needed to vent a little bit I think and not put my thoughts and fears on Mr. Coffee's already laden down shoulders.  It's just the coffee talking again.


Rambling over a ZipFizz: Guilt over Amazon Sunday Delivery

I normally ramble over coffee but I did indeed switch to a tropical fruit Zipfizz after I last posted.  I also got dressed, put some face cream and foundation on (to hide my never-going-away dark circles under my eyes) and tossed a load of laundry in the washer.

I have a delivery coming today (so my email tells me).  Amazon.  Frames. Vintage Walnut, Carbonized Black and Vintage White.  Along with another brand of Rustic Brown Barnwood.  Replacing the 4X6 frames I have around the house in the black and red cedar that went with the Tuscany decor I was forced into when we moved here.  (See my previous post.)  I looked locally but the prices were insane ($24.99 for ONE distressed white frame at Michaels, and poor choices and high prices even at Walmart.  No affordable options for 8 frames at TJMaxx or At Home... so Amazon it is.  They just make it so affordable and easy.)

I always feel guilty when Amazon delivers things on Sunday though.  I feel like we are so spoiled and pampered that we have to make someone deliver something stupid and little like a photo frame, on a Sunday?  And Amazon rushing to ship things to certain regions in hours... not days.  Hours.  How absolutely spoiled are we as a society that we think this is necessary?  I really, truly do not need my picture frames on a Sunday.  I could wait until Monday!  I just click on the 'free shipping' 5-7 days and get what I get.  I know someone is making money delivering today and it's their job.  So it's cool I guess.  But I still feel so embarrassed for our society that we think we should be able to order something on our phones and have it delivered to our doors within hours.   There are so many more important things in life.

WHY am I still here typing away boring thoughts in a post?  Because I've decided to stay home today.  The errands that need to be ran will be better ran not on a Sunday. Because the stores will be less busy on a random Tuesday than the weekend.  So... pink shorts, a green t-shirt, hair pulled back and barefoot.  I'm going to finish cleaning up the main floor bathroom that I repainted yesterday and then will do the pain-in-the-butt task of grinding meat.

Yes.  You read that right.  Because we don't buy ground beef from the store.  I grind it all myself so I know it comes from one cut of beef or pork - not up to 300-400 different cows and pigs.  More chance of e-coli and other things getting into the packaged meat.  I buy chuck roasts and pork loins and cut and grind it all myself.   I never used to buy the pork, as we aren't a big 'pork' loving family except for bacon (!!!) but I've discovered a love of using ground pork in my stir-fry instead of chicken (because I don't really care for chicken).  So today I'll be grinding 4 roasts and a really large pork loin.

But first... coffee tropical fruit flavored ZipFizz.

Rambling.... rambling, rambling over coffee..... ZipFizz B12, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Six Books, Painting

It's early Sunday morning.  Mr. Coffee is working and I'm here, in a silent house. I think the cup of coffee I'm brewing right now is number 3.  Not sure if I'll finish it though, as coffee is starting to taste 'meh' to me now which means I'm about 'over it' for the morning and will make it into iced coffee (so not to waste it) and then, will switch to ice water or a vitamin drink.

I've been loving ZipFizz Energy B12 drink packets lately.

Normally I drink coffee, then switch to sparkling waters and regular ice cold tap water, crushed ice and sometimes, maybe throw a sparkling hard seltzer in there, then every night one more crushed (pulverized) crushed ice eaten with a spoon while I surf the web or put in a Friends or Big Bang Theory DVD (I own both full dvd sets of the series.)  I used to enjoy a zero carb, zero sugar Monster once in a great while, but those were/are too sweet for me and the sweetness hurts my teeth.

I've been busy this week, but in my down time I've been studying and researching a couple random topics in deeper depth than I anticipated.  It started innocently enough with wanting to study 'women of the bible'.  Before I knew it, I was finding more and more offshoots of topics I couldn't wait to research even more.  Now, I sometimes feel as if I'm drowning in topics and information as I try to absorb all the interesting reading and point of views on the various branches of this - what I thought was simple - topic.  (Apocrypha, Agnes Smith Lewis and her sister Margaret Gibson (Westminster Sisters), a Protestant Marian cult of the fourth century, the “Six Books” Dormition Apocryphon and more.  It kind of ties in with what's going on in Germany right now too, and to some extent, here in the US. Some of these people are a little nutty.)

And I've been painting.  Again.

It's never ending in this house.  Has been since we moved in about 8 1/2 years ago.

This time I tackled the main floor bathroom. 

Remember the golden wheat/sage greenish khaki that was so popular 10 years ago?  Our entire house came in that shade - every inch of every wall - and it was a very 'sagey green' tint.  

(In hindsight I should have just started painting it the gray that I wanted to.  It was 2011-2012 and gray wasn't as popular as it is now, but it's what I wanted.  Grays and whites and neutrals. While most people were still doing golds, khaki's, reds and greens.  Tuscany.)  I wanted light gray walls, white furniture, neutral shades.  But I couldn't because of the stark contrast of the colors that would take me a year to repaint all the walls - looking goofy in the meantime, and the fact we had dogs and cats... so, no white leather furniture.  Claws and pet hair.

After a couple years of repainting the khaki green to a more khaki gold... I really really hated that too but couldn't do the gray I wanted yet.  And I was still pissed that I never got to do more neutral shades of walls and furniture.  BUT the cats passed away (old age) and our dogs are old now, and aren't destructive puppies anymore.  I COULD FINALLY DO WHAT I WANTED!  So I slowly switched to a grayish khaki - less gold.  And bought some oatmeal/cream colored furniture.

That is why I mention painting all the time.  Because it's a big house and I've had to repaint everything like, 4 times by now to slowly get from the sage green to gold to wheat to.... khaki gray.  Which isn't the light gray I'd love, but that gray got too popular and EVERYONE is doing it so I kind of don't want to for that reason, plus, it's a fad and will die out soon.  Perhaps this neutral "Loggia" color will suffice for a few years.

In the meantime, I still need to do the master bathroom, one guest room upstairs, a hallway and then... the basement.

... and I'm rambling.  It was just the coffee talking again.   Now, my coffee is cold.  The dogs are waiting to go out.  And... I need to decide what my goals and tasks are for today and make a game plan.

These are the ZipFizz I mentioned.  I'm currently loving the fruit punch (even though I hate every other thing flavored 'fruit punch').  I can only get fruit punch, orange and grape locally.    However, I can order a ton of different flavors online and I have to in my 'save for later' list!  I want the grapefruit and the pink lemonade flavors!

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Fruit Punch, 20 Count

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Orange Soda, 20 Count

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Black Cherry, 20 Count