Ahh... LOL. It's turning out to be 'one of those days'

It's almost 3:pm and although I had high hopes for today, I think I'm about ready to admit defeat and just hang out and watch old episodes of Friends for a couple hours.

Nothing major and 'BIG' just all those little pesky things that chip away at you as you try to accomplish... stuff.

The latest was just a comedy of errors after awhile.

I've been wanting to spray weed killer on the edge of our woods and the path to the creek as it gets so covered in sharp briars that humans can't even attempt to walk in that area.  I've ruined many pairs of denim jeans as they are so sharp they easily catch and tear everything.  (Not to mention the punctures, cuts and bleeding scrapes they've caused.)  And they are prolific.  I wanted to weed out a couple paths so for the past 2 weeks I've tried to make time.

Today was it.

I grabbed some "kill weeds and grass" Round Up and my rubber boots and headed downstairs to the garage.
Grabbed the "Kill only weeds but not grass" as well so I could do the landscape area.
Saw the granules to sprinkle around the bushes and roses to kill weeds that need to be applied before they grow in the spring, so I grabbed those too and headed out.
Tried to use the sprayer that comes on the first Round Up (battery powered) and it won't work.
This is the 2nd time I've tried.  But I started from scratch, took it all apart, reassembled and still... no.
So I put it down and tried the blue Round Up with the manual sprayer.
It sprayed somewhat but was leaking all over my hand.
Went into the house to wash my hands with soap.
Went upstairs to get my gloves.
Back outside and back to the sprayer.
Since it was leaking more on my hand than spraying the weeds in the lawn, I went back into the garage and got the empty general spray container that you fill and pump and spray manually.
I poured the blue Round Up into it and screwed everything back in place.
Tried to pump it to get it to build up pressure to spray but it wouldn't spray.
The pressure was built up - but no spray.
Disassembled, reassembled and tried again.
No spray.

In the meantime my neighbors Boxer decides our yard is HIS yard and decides to approach me and stand growling at me, as if I'm the one encroaching on his territory and not the other way around.

My two big dogs in the house didn't take kindly to this and started to bark like crazy from in the house, jumping at the window.

I ignored grumpy big Boxer and talked in a sing song sweet voice to my weed killer and didn't make eye contact, nor turned my back to the dog.  Just did my own thing so he would see I'm not a threat.

Finally the neighbors heard the ruckus and must have shocked a collar or something because he suddenly quieted down and walked back to his own yard.

I still couldn't get the sprayer to work.  This is the THIRD sprayer counting both the Round Up sprayers that come on the containers plus my own manual sprayer.  Granted, that one is like, 7 years old now and maybe the gaskets/seals are worn and dry by now... but it worked 1 1/2 years ago when I last used it.

Still... I admitted defeat.

Everything put away and although I did not get the briar patches sprayed, I did get the granules down around the roses and shrubs so I'll take that at least.

... just ONE of the many tasks I've attempted today and was thwarted at every turn.


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