Blogs are great at helping me procrastinate! - Random Questions

Blogging about nothing because, procrastination.

In order to procrastinate, I did a random search for 'list' 'questions' and this one from Tumblr popped up.

1. My husband. On the deck on a random day when I noticed the SUN miraculously came out after days of nothing but cold and rain.  I walked outside to stand quietly, and put my face up to the sun, basking in the moment. He saw me walk by. He also walked out, didn't say a word, grasped my hand and stood with his face up to the sun too.  We stood holding hands, faces up to the warmth of the sun, in complete silence.

2.  I'm a weird mixture of being extremely shy and anxiety ridden when it comes to going to meetings, appointments, finding a place to sit in the bleachers, having to talk to other parents, holding things at my house (freak out mode), even making phone calls (I can't and won't call to order a pizza), etc.  but when I'm out and about running errands, I can easily make conversations with complete strangers and I'm one of the friendliest and most helpful, cheerful and easy to approach people you could ever meet.  So I don't know if I'm shy or outgoing... both.

3.  I am looking forward to seeing my oldest daughter and her little family when they come to visit us in March!!

4.  VERY easy to get along with.  I will always find the things I have in common with someone and base a friendship, conversation or relationship with them based on all the wonderful qualities they have and the things we love/like.  I don't dwell on our differences, but embrace our similarities.  I also follow through with whatever I say I'm going to do.

5.  Many times.  All relationships have peaks and valleys.  Friendships, romances, marriages, even family dynamics.

6.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around 'being drunk' because it's highly unlikely.

7.  Yes, two months from now I assume I'll still be married.  LOL.

8.  Assuming not my husband or my son, I'll say I've thought of 2 old teenage boyfriends this past weekend after I heard a song on the radio whose lyrics reminded me of them.  (JANA KRAMER - I GOT THE BOY)

9.  Not usually... but talking about weird, violent or strange sex or inappropriate or disgusting things would.

10.  My last deep conversation...  hmm.  Probably my husband but possibly my Uncle.

11.  My last text says "he looks so much like you!!!"

12.  I feel that abortion is absolutely killing a fellow human being and that if the baby has a heartbeat, and you kill the baby to end your pregnancy, then you committed murder.

13.  I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate big crowds of people.  And I avoid them when able.

14.  I believe in... chance.  And for some reason, some people have better chance ratio than others, but I don't know that I'd call it luck.  As for miracles...  I believe they are possible but I don't believe most of what are deemed 'miracles' are really miracles at all.

15.  Umm, a daughter got married this past summer.  The wedding was beautiful, stunning and perfect.  So that was good.

16.  Absolutely.

17.  Hmm.  Not in our galaxy.  But the possibility of life on another planet in another galaxy may exist if the plants are similar to ours and there is one with similar qualities as Earth.

18.  No, I lost touch with my first crush when he moved to another state after 5th grade.

19.  I only like bubble baths for the first minute or two.  Then the moment has passed.  I'm bored, I'm hot and I want out.

20.  I don't really know my neighbors well enough to like or not like.  I met the first neighbors under not-great terms and we've avoided each other since then - about 4 or 5 years now.  The other neighbors seem nice but we've only yelled our hellos across the ravine and my husband went over to help them move something heavy once.

21.  First bad habit that comes to mind is that I don't like hang-nails or even the tiniest bit of rough skin around my nail bed so I will chew the dry skin around my nails (although I don't bite my nails at all - that's stomach turning).  But I often make my fingertips bleed and are sore and swollen if I pull too hard and it rips into 'live' skin.

22.  At this very second?  I'd like to travel to.... Iceland, Belgium, Arizona, Utah and New Zealand.

23.  Yes. Which is why I don't feel the need to make a lot of friends. Quality over quantity.

24.  BEDTIME!  I love when I can finally crawl into bed and read, read, read and read.

25.  Good question!  I think I'm currently most uncomfortable with... my inner thighs.  But it changes daily between my thighs and the dark circles under my eyes that never, ever go away.

26.  I... get up and immediately make the bed.

27.  I wish my skin was a little bit darker.  I look healthy with some color and horrible with pale skin.

28.  Most comfortable with my youngest daughter.

29.  Yes.

30.  I already am married, but if anything should happen... yes, I'd want to be married again at some point.  I love being married and love marriage.

31.  Yes. My hair is down to about the middle of my back and I wear it in a ponytail at some point almost every day.

32.  Absolutely none and never.  I would never, ever, in my lifetime have a threesome.  It's not even a discussion point.

33.  tfedfdrfrdkji

34.  ROTFL... oh LOL... LOL... ROTFL... let me take a moment to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes...  uh... no.

35.  Easy. I've lived without TV for about 20 years now.  For real.  But I wouldn't want to ever live without music.

36.  Interesting question.  I've never thought about that before.  Yes.

37.  I don't have a go-to that I say during awkward silences.   But I hate them... and I do try to start a conversation of some sort.

38.  Yes.  When it's a difference of more than about 12-15 years.

39.  Grocery stores.

40.  I need to change this question to what DID I want to do after high school (but it IS concerning that the threesome question was on a question list geared to high schoolers.)  I originally wanted to be either an emergency room doctor or a marine biologist.  However, I felt the vocation to be married and have children stronger than any career so I decided being a teacher would be the better choice as it would be easier to work and raise my family with this career rather than being a doctor.

41. No.

42.  It probably means I want to be left alone, I'm enjoying silence and I don't want you to speak to me.

43.  Yes.  I smile at strangers.  I also say hello, excuse me, give a random compliment, offer to help if they look like they need it and basically am just friendly and approachable to everyone.

44.  Neither.  Outer space and the bottom of the ocean both would be out of MY control and therefore, I'm not comfortable in either situation.  My life would be in someone elses hands.  I have a hard time letting someone else DRIVE if I'm in the car.  Much less in outer space or miles under water.

45.  Uh... no.  Not if this question is geared towards college.  I like solitude.

46.  Paranoid is a strong word.  I am a 'worrier' and I'm always filled with anxiety about a hundred different 'what ifs' but I don't think I'm legit paranoid about anything.

47.  My Mother told me she wished I had been born a boy. But I had a million mean things said to me in my life.  Lots.

48.  Nice things don't tend to 'stick' with you like mean things do - but years ago, I had a biker/tattoo artist that I respected and was one of the kindest guys I've met, tell me that I was truly a 'lady' and one of the only true 'ladies' he had ever met and he was honored to know me.

(RANDOM:  so I just decided to look him up on the internet due to this question and sadly... I found he passed away in 2012. Apparently of cancer. RIP... he made an impact on many lives. I teared up a little bit reading he had passed away.  He was a good man.)


 49.  I don't think so.

50.  I've always wanted to learn French.  I've attempted twice but classes were cancelled due to not enough people signing up, and the second was 'self-teaching' with workbooks but not hearing it spoke meant I could 'read' it but I was mangling it.  Most recently, I did a couple lessons online but LIFE.  So I've not found time to seriously buckle down and MAKE myself do lessons.

*While I was answering question number 47, one of my daughter's called.  She has the day off and wants me to run errands with her.  So... it looks like my procrastination of the day is over and I'm off to run errands with a random child of mine.


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