Goodbye Mio Mocha Java.... was it discontinued??? (August 2020 update at the end)

About two months ago I was at the grocery store (Publix) buying my regular little bottles of  MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java Iced Coffee Concentrate and the Vanilla Java.  I always keep these on hand - always. I noticed a little 'discontinued product' sign in front of them.

I assumed it was just my little grocery store was going to stop selling them and I'd get them from Walmart or one of my other stores.  I didn't give it much more thought and simply bought my regular 2 bottles.

I started to use them a few years ago during my long distance cross-country drives.  Mixed with regular water I thought they were awful, but I would choke them down as they truly were one of the only things I found that gave me that boost of energy and caffeine to wake me up after 7, 9, 12 hours driving.  It wasn't long before I figured out how to make them better for my travels.

I would take a water bottles I had already used, and refill them 1/3 (a third)  with water.  I would freeze them solid.  On the morning I'd be traveling, or even if I would be running errands and would like iced coffee later, I'd grab the frozen bottles, add a splash of almond milk, half and half, cream or even sugar free creamer;  whatever I felt like that day.  Then fill the rest with water and add a squirt of Mio flavoring.  Into the car I'd go and by the time I was ready for a nice cold iced coffee, the ice would have made my drink icy cold and ready.  YUM!!!!

As a matter of fact, I just decided to open my 'coffee cupboard' right now and snap a quick picture on my cellphone...  Mio. Mio. Mio.  Yep, I use them. I like them. I keep them stocked.

At home (when I'm not traveling) my "GO TO" iced coffee is a tall glass filled with ice that I then add a dark roast Starbucks Sumatra that I've brewed at the 4 oz. size (basically making it espresso). It melts the ice a little bit as it goes in.  Then, a squirt of Mio (either vanilla or mocha) and I fill with almond milk, maybe a dash of vanilla syrup, and top with a swirl of real whipped cream.  

The best iced coffee ever with the energy boost that gets me through the 2:00 pm brick wall I always hit.

And now...  I found out it's NOT JUST MY GROCERY STORE DISCONTINUING THEM. All the stores I was checking were either out or discontinued.

I tried to find them at Walmart last week and they were gone.  Not even a space for them any longer.  I was busy and didn't think much about it until yesterday when I made two (2) iced coffee's and as I looked at my stash of Mio's in the cupboard, I remembered that both my regular grocery stores didn't have them now... and I had that light bulb moment when I decided I'd better check online to see if I could buy them from Walmart.com....

And that's when I saw vanilla was still available but the mocha java was all "out of stock".... uh-oh.

Sure enough, it seems they are being discontinued?  Kraft is the mother ship company.  And even though they had the image on their site, when I clicked on the product, it told me the product was 'too new' to tell me anything about it.  Uh, these have been out for like, 4+ years at least.  Not new.  It looks like they took down the product description in the 'where to buy' section.

This, my friends is my entire and complete stash of Mio's from my cupboard at this particular moment.  And that makes me sad because I haven't seen any similar products sold at my groceries to replace them.

It's August of 2020 and I saw Amazon had many listings for MIO Java and Mio Mocha available so I went back to the Kraft website and saw they added the product back on their listing!  I did a search for 'where to find' the product and it's mostly at military bases in their commissaries.   I have no stores or military commissary within 70 miles of me offering them, nor am I in the military, but they ARE out there.  Although a very small market.

Until then, you can still find them on Amazon.


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