Happy Valentine's Day - Not Valentimes or Galentines or other stupid words

Good Morning!
I don't honestly know if Valentine's Day is going to be a thing in our household today or not.  You see, Mr. Coffee has been out of town all week so it's been just me, myself and I.  He's flying home today but he's not a romantic kind of person so it might actually be doubtful if he even knows that today is St. Valentine's Day. 

Besides, he knows I would rather get a little something special on a random Tuesday than a Hallmark Holiday that guilts guys into buying expensive crap for their wives and girlfriends.  I hate being told what to do.  Even on holidays. So I only randomly buy something for him on Valentine's Day - every couple years, just to mix it up a little. 

We probably aren't the best choice for poster-children for Valentine's Day.

I do however know I'm getting gifts today. 
Marketing gifts from his business trip!  Ha ha ha.  I know I've got a stainless steel water bottle with a company logo on it coming because they always give those out upon check-in and my husband doesn't use water bottles nor does he like them so ... I always get his water bottle.  Then he'll empty out his suitcase and I'll probably get a logo-emblazed pen, some logo-emblazed hand sanitizer, possibly another plastic water bottle, a little logo-emblazed bottle opener.  Not many businesses give out t-shirts anymore so I doubt I'll get one of those this time around.

And he'll probably have another In-N-Out Burger souvenir for me.  Because it's his all-time favorite, and he only gets to have it about once a year... on this particular annual business trip that's always to the same city.  It's the one treat he makes sure to fit into to the very little personal time they are allowed.  I think he had to walk there at 10:45 pm this week to make it happen... but he made it happen.  And he always brings me home something from In-N-Out Burger.  T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, stickers......

So Valentine's Day gift exchanges probably won't be happening, but some "They gave out all this marketing crap, you want any of it?"  will happen.