Online Grocery Shopping Has Made Grocery Shopping Hell For The Rest of Us

 One of the stores I regularly shop for groceries is Walmart.  However, in the past year it's slowly growing more and more irritating.  Yes... Walmart CAN get more irritating.

It's those darn online order pullers.

They've had to hire a plethora to fill the need... and their standards are quite low for order pullers.  Surly, angry teenagers?  No problem.  Blue and green hair with a permanent scowl on their face, tossing random, poorly chosen vegetables into a bag and throwing it into the bins?  Yep.  Got an attitude, can't get hired anywhere else, have poor work ethics and zero customer service skills?  Sign up!  We'd love to have you!

About a year ago I noted the aisles were filling up with the huge carts that hold 6 blue plastic bins and employees were doing the online shopping order fulfilling.  But at the time, it was still manageable to do your own shopping and the employees they were using were regular employees - with manners.

Online shopping took off and they had to remodel the stores to design pick up areas.  They remodeled the parking lot to add 20+ online pick up only spaces.  They started to hire anyone off the street to try to fill the need for order pickers.  And, the number of 'order pickers' in the aisles exploded.

The last few months of grocery shopping has typically involved 1-3 order pickers in an aisle.  Trying to maneuver through the aisles around their huge rolling pallets with blue plastic bins plus a few other regular shoppers with our carts has become much like trying to drive on the 91 freeway in Southern California during rush hour.

And gone are the polite employees.

Not ONE excuse me.  Nope.  They have the larger rolling pallets, and are trying to fulfill orders quickly;  therefore, in their minds, their online order picking takes precedent over the fact that we are ALSO trying to fulfill our OWN grocery shopping list quickly.

They will block aisles, park their huge rolling carts in front of the fresh veggies or shelved items and pay no mind to the other shopper(s) trying to peer around them or shop for similar items.

The elderly shoppers that don't use online ordering are often the shoppers in the stores pushing their own carts and getting their own groceries and I feel terrible for them as I see them often by-passed, ignored, stuck behind an employee who won't move, and ignores any "excuse me" regular shoppers might be uttering in vain....

I've had to shop Walmart twice this week due to helping a family member move into a new home and buying some last minute items.  We didn't need grocery items thankfully, but as we walked past all the aisles and glanced down them, almost every aisle was jammed with those darn entitled and rude Walmart order-pickers.

They ignore you, won't move, give you attitude if you say "Excuse me!" and try to get past them.  They are talking to each other on the floor and complaining about their days, their hours, the fact they have to work until "8:00 pm" tonight - oh you poor thing???  No one in the universe but you has to work from 11-8 pm.  You are a snowflake, a special little snowflake and are so unique.


I'm tired of trying to do my regular family grocery shopping in both Walmart as well as my local grocery with the rude employees pushing themselves in front of all the 'regular' shoppers, never using manners, never saying excuse me, blocking the aisles and complaining about their 'difficult' job to other employees on the floor. 

Meh, don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again.........

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