Rambling Over Coffee: All of us on my Dads side of the family can actively take part in 3 conversations at once... it's just natural

My husband always teases me about horrible it must be to live in my head.  My brain is always active... over active he would say!  Ha ha.  ADD-ish.  I have so many different thoughts, conversations and topics flying through at once, all the while playing music in the background as well.

But I like it that way because I don't know any different!  I look at him and think how horrible it would be live inside his head all the time as he can only think of one thing at a time, only do one thing at a time.  If we are conversing, he can't even get dressed at the same time!  He will stop, and hold the shirt he was putting on, in front of him while he listens to me or answers a question.   I tease him about it because he literally cannot get dressed and listen to me at the same time!

But genetically, my Dads family are mostly all like me.

As a child I recall standing in the kitchen during a large family gathering (probably Christmas time) and the kitchen table was full of adults having a lively conversation about the Bible, while another smaller group of adults were standing in the hallway of the kitchen that leads to the living room, and more adults were in the living room.

It was completely normal and natural that the adults genetically related (my Dad and all his siblings) as well as their older kids that were also taking part in all the hullabaloo would add something to the discussion or debate at the table, suddenly turn to dispute something being said in the hallway group, and then a couple seconds later, yell out to add to the conversation being held in the living room.

EVERYONE did this.  Naturally.  Without thinking about it. We can carry on 3 different conversations with different people at the same time.  And with our personalities, we didn't hesitate to jump in and join the conversations at will! If we have an opinion, we share it!

I didn't even know it was different from how most people hold conversations until I was older.  And even later before I figured out a lot of people are like my husband and can only concentrate on one thing at a time or one conversation at a time.  Or that their thoughts don't spin to the 'next thing' so quickly.

I've managed to pass it on strongly to my son, and fairly strong to my youngest daughter.  The older daughter does it somewhat, but her brain functions at a more normal speed; not at the high speed of me and her two siblings.  But my son and I....  we inherited my paternal side's DNA pretty strongly!

In a normal conversation between us we can speak in half sentences, finish each other sentences, throw out a brand new topic in a split second, follow that topic and spin on to a second completely different topic comment all within 20 seconds and we both know exactly what we are talking about.

My husband has been known to sit at the dinner table watching and listening to us with his mouth literally hanging open.  We will suddenly notice it's quiet and look around... to find they've been watching us with interest, wondering how in the heck we just had the 5 different conversations we did in such a short time span, and yet did it completely in seriousness and naturally without realizing it was entertaining to anyone else.

This is probably why my youngest daughter and I are always 'entertainment' for others while we are shopping.  I've blogged about that before.  We've actually stopped traffic in the aisles of Walmart as we suddenly noticed everyone around us had stopped their carts to listen and watch us and were smiling or even laughing out loud at our funny comments and conversations.  We used to kid each other about how we were real life sit-com when we grocery shopped together.  Or clothes shopped (although we do that less regularly since I'm not a shopper....).

And you know what?
I really didn't plan to write about this this morning as I opened this editing box!  I was going to talk about what I stumbled upon this morning to research and study... because one thing led to another to another and I found so much of it fascinating, but it was like falling down the rabbit hole.  I now have about 6 pages of notes written in one of my notebooks - with arrows and asterisks of more things to look up and research as they were mentioned during my initial search for one teeny, tiny little reference I wanted to look up this morning when I woke.

It's now 10:30 am, I've switched from hot coffee to iced coffee and I have at least 4-5 days research in front of me that I'm sure will lead to about 37 other topics I'll scribble in the margins to look up 'when I have time'.

Good Morning!  And well... don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again.