Rambling Over Coffee: Car Accident and Unexpected Labor

This morning I'm just sitting here sipping my coffee, conversing with text and snapchat to a couple family members and checking up on some business online while preparing to let the dogs out and get started on my day.

A typical morning, right?

And then I get an unexpected text.

A family friend (one of my daughter's close friends) is pregnant with their first (a little girl) and is due February 22nd.

Yesterday she was in a car accident. Her car was hit from behind by another driver.

She was forced forward, her 9 month pregnant belly was shoved into the steering wheel.

Long story short, it was a medical emergency - ambulance, stretcher, emergency room....

Admitted to the hospital with really strong contractions.
Determined the accident caused a tear in the placenta and she has to deliver the baby this morning to save it.

The blessing of course is that the baby is full term now, as she is 39 weeks.  Thank God for that.

She texted our daughter this just a bit ago (who forwarded it to me).  So we are all on baby watch this morning and hoping the baby is fine and wasn't harmed by the impact of the accident.  Can't wait to meet her!

On baby watch now......

*Update:  Baby was delivered safe and sound!  Photos showed a very happy Dad, tired mama, and a little girl yelling her head off as she entered this new world.  Ha ha.