Rambling Over Coffee: Hit me with your best shot and the size of a diamond doesn't determine the length of a marriage

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

As those of you who 'know me' know, I always wake up with a song stuck in my head.  Not only do I always have a running internal dialog going on, but I always have music playing in my head as well.

This morning the song stuck on repeat is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".   Again, I have no reason for these random songs to become ear worms.  I listened to music for a bit yesterday but it was a personalized station of 1990's country hits.  I never heard this song play... but again, totally normal for me.  My brain just likes to play random songs in the background all the time, and sometimes it gets stuck on one it particularly likes and plays it over and over.  NOTE:  I do not particularly like the songs it's playing.... as a matter of fact, I often can't stand them.  Like Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  Not a fan.  But apparently my brain is for some reason.

Earlier this week I smooshed my wedding ring.

We have a large drawer in the office that has a spring in it that automatically snaps the drawer closed when you've started the momentum for shutting it.  It's a heavy real wood drawer, built in to the desk and bookcases - not just a little metal or cheap wood drawer that has more bark than bite.  No, this one has a real bite to it!   I often start to shut it, and it beats me to the punch line... snapping on my fingers.  This week when it tried to eat my fingers as I was pulling my hand out and it snapped on my wedding ring just as I was pulling it out.  It took a bite out of my ring, bent the prongs and popped the diamond out.  Luckily it fell into the drawer so I was able to easily find it, but there was no saving my ring.

Off to the jeweler I went and he is ordering a new prong for the setting and fixing it for me.  Should be back to new and ready to pick up early next week.  When I got home my husband asked "Did you tell them to replace the diamond with a larger stone?"   And he was only half joking.  But no.  I didn't.  I may not have a large diamond in my wedding ring but for the 17 year old me that picked it out decades ago, it seemed huge at the time!  And my lifestyle of projects, repairs, camping, hiking and house work wouldn't bode well with a big fancy diamond.  Also, that's just not my personality. I don't do heavy jewelry, high heels or fancy purses.  It's just not me. 

Besides, from what I've seen in the past 15-20 years, the more 'important' the size of the diamond is to the bride, has seemed to have a direct effect on how quickly they divorce after the marriage.  Little diamonds and original diamonds seem to have longer marriages.  Big flashy diamonds and big flashy, expensive weddings seem to be a nice show for the bride and groom to put on, but it's all about the wedding and not the marriage.  All those television shows showing competitive weddings (and rating and judging them in competition for the big honeymoon prize, as well as the 'say yes to the dress' tv shows really upped the ante of the wedding drama and the dress over the reason for the wedding and the dress.  Oh yeah, it's not just a big party, you actually have a husband or wife to live with for the rest of your lives after that!  Forgot about that part.  

Speaking of which.... Pam Anderson and her 12 day marriage, anyone?  LOL.  (Check the news for last week if you missed that one).

Ah, my time chit chatting over coffee really needs to end.  So much to do and must get started.

Good Morning coffee friends, thank you for joining me!

... it's just the Coffee Talking again.


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