Rambling Over Coffee: How come guys always get to keep their clothes on to sing, play sports, act - but girls can't seem to sing, play sports or act until they get half naked?

Glancing at the entertainment headlines, or even Yahoo's homepage headlines (which I despise snowflake-laden, low IQ, liberal propaganda spreading, parents-basement dwellers Yahoo staff writers... but I have one old email with them that my 'older' family members use to write us and it would be too difficult to explain to them how to change to a new one now) so I use it; I see headline after headline of female stars, celebrities, athletes and singers getting attention or trying for attention by... taking off their clothes.


"... posts topless selfie"
"... looking amazing in her tiny bikini"
"... poses naked for...."
"... stunning nude photos of...."

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I can sing really well....  with clothes on.
And in my past life I was a pretty darn good actor... with clothes on.
In my younger days I got more attention than I ever wanted from guys, strangers, stalkers even... and I was fully clothed.
I can cook, bake, sing, play flute, camp, hike, repair things, do maintenance, bike, roller-blade, paint 2 story walls, act, and a plethora of other things... all while wearing clothing.

Amazing, isn't it?

When I click through the random music playing on my phone and it shows the 'album cover' photo for the artist, it's kind of amazing that all the guys are wearing clothes - shirts, pants, shoes, hats even.  About 90% of the females featured have their boobs hanging out at the very least.  The guys are posting by sitting down, turning their heads and smiling, or standing towards the camera, or it's a headshot.  The females are laying down on the grass, or legs spread or doing a 'half way to an orgasm' lowered lid and open mouth look or finger or other item in their mouth, etc.

The guys look like they're just fully dressed, hanging out, having fun.
The female artists are trying to get attention with their bodies, hair and makeup.

Hey ladies, you don't have to get naked to prove you have talent.

... it's just the coffee talking again.