Rambling Over Coffee: I don't stop in at the grocery store every day or every other like some people do

Yesterday when I was out running various errands, I had to stop by the grocery store.  I really just needed one thing for SURE, which was Dawn Dishwashing Liquid but I know me so I grabbed a cart and walked the aisles.  I knew what we were out of or were low on, so green onions, trash bags and a slew of other items found their way into my cart as well as some items I don't normally buy when I do grocery shopping because they cut into the grocery budget.  For this reason I bought 2 bottles of foundation (makeup) when I saw they were on sale.

However, when I got home and unloaded all my items, I only had one bottle of makeup.
I questioned myself;  "Hmmm, I thought I bought two.  Did I decide to just get one at the last minute?  I swear I bought both...."  and sure enough the receipt showed two.

The bagger did not bag one of my items and it was apparently forgotten.

I found myself wishing they had forgotten a $1.99 item instead of an $8 item, because I'd just say "oh forget it..."  but eight dollars?  That's a bit painful to write off, especially when I don't like this store very much, I don't want to give them 'free money' and the man that checked me out is always an ass.  He doesn't say ONE WORD to me the entire transaction - not even the total of the sale.  I have to look up on the screen to get the total.  The only time he speaks to the customers is to hand them the receipt and mumbles the mandatory "have a nice day" as he's not even looking at you.

So 'giving' them free money (about $8.79 with tax) irked me.

And yes I called the store. 

I got through to the customer service department and the second I uttered "I was just there to buy groceries and I believe I forgot..."  she interrupted with a laugh and said "makeup!?"  "yes!"  She told me they had it and it had already been put back on the shelf, but the next time I was in the store, to go ahead and grab it and bring it up to the customer service counter and they have it written down in 'the book' so just let them know it was me.

But the interesting thing is when she thought I'd be back in the store.

"Whenever you come in for your normal shopping next, today or tomorrow, whenever, just go grab the makeup off the shelf...."

Now, she did not say it as if she was telling me I had to come back to the store today or tomorrow, but it was the frame of conversation that she fully expected me to be back in for my normal shopping today or tomorrow.

I had just (literally) bought groceries there an hour before, and I don't honestly expect to be back in their store for at least a week, maybe two.  They don't carry many of our regular items and what they do carry is rather high priced.  (I'm also going to add that yesterday I found they had stopped carrying 2 more items I typically buy there... even more reason to go there less than usual.)

But the point to this ramble over coffee is that I realize many people really DO go to the grocery store every day or every other day.  They buy what they need for that nights dinner or what they need for a particular dish and little more.  They also stop in at lunch time to pick up 'lunch' from the deli counter instead of fast food.  Many stop in for their lunch and come back again on the way home to "pick up something for dinner".

That is not me.

I keep a well stocked pantry, cupboards and refrigerator!  I do my shopping every two weeks more or less.  I first go to the membership warehouse, which carries about 70% of what we use and need.  Then I supplement with a trip to Walmart for items I want in smaller sizes, or because they carry the brand and item we use.  And lastly, the local Publix for the remaining 5-6 items we use that they carry and Walmart does not. 

So when would I naturally and normally stop back in to get my missing item?

Probably not for about another two weeks.

I wonder if there will be a problem with me picking up the makeup they missed when bagging my items... when they realize it's been 2 weeks since I've been in?  Or, do I have to make a special trip to the store just to get the forgotten item, since apparently most people stop in every day or two to buy groceries.

Just thinking out loud....  meh, it's just the coffee talking again this morning.


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