Rambling Over Coffee: If it involves getting dressed and leaving the house, it's probably not going to happen today

I was dreading this week... it was just busy in so many different directions and was leaving me little time to breathe, much less just have some 'me' time and sip hot coffee!  But this morning, I could do just that.  And I am.

It's 8:53 am - the dogs are outside, the husband is at work, the kids are all accounted for and I'm still in my pajamas and I've brewed my 4th cup of hot, strong, black coffee.

I am going to throw some clothes on here in a minute, but I haven't because I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing today.  I have a list in my head, but it needs to be sorted and prioritized.  What I DO determines what I WEAR.  Because it depends on if I'm seeing other people or not.

(And I'm voting for 'not' because I've had my fill of people this week!)


Man, as the morning goes on it's just making me grumpy.  I'm getting in a pissy mood.

So, I'm dressed and some makeup on, with hair pulled up in a pony/bun.  I CAN see people if I need to, but I'm hopefully not going out to run any errands.

One after another, all the little tasks and things I've attempted to accomplish have not worked for one reason or another.

Edited to take out my whiny rambling.  And although all those things were crappy, I did manage to pull off a couple tasks that turned out.  So there's that.


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