Rambling Over Coffee: it ended up being about Native brand deodorant, hmph. Weird topic. I didn't see that coming!

It's morning time!  Wake up!

I'm into my second cup of strong, hot, black coffee.  I am hoping (oh I'm hoping) I might not have to go anywhere today and can stay home to pretend I'm a 'house' wife. I got much accomplished yesterday afternoon after I was home but I always have a list a mile long of things I want/need to do.

Speaking of yesterday; random chit chat about deodorant.

Native brand deodorant - heard of it?  (This sounds like a sponsored post but it's not...).

My youngest daughter started to use it last year (although I didn't know this at the time, because... why would I?) and it was only when we were running errands together one day a few months ago, we discussed this brand as she picked some up to put in her cart to purchase.

(Background:  she and I stopped using anti-antiperspirants years ago because of the aluminum and other toxins put into a product that stops your body from (ironically) sweating to get rid of toxins in your body! We've been using homemade deodorant and then later, the Arm & Hammer natural brands once they came out with them and it was easier and faster than making our own.) 

The discussion the day we went shopping together for deodorant wasn't about the product itself   but was all about the topic:  "TWELVE DOLLARS FOR DEODORANT!? What the heck!?"

She said the first time she tried it, she only wanted a natural deodorant, was in a hurry to buy household goods and groceries, grabbed it instead of the normal natural brand, threw it into her cart and didn't realize until it was scanned during the check out process that it was almost 12 bucks.

By that time it was in the bag and she kicked herself quietly and thought about how stupid she was to have spent that much on it.  She never would have bought it had she known.

But then... it worked.  It worked really well.  It worked so well that $12 or not, it became her go-to deodorant.  I wasn't sold.  While she grabbed her brand, I grabbed my $2.89 brand.

  Native Deodorant - Natural Deodorant - Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free - Free of Aluminum, Parabens and Sulfates - Born in the USA - Coconut and Vanilla

Last weekend I was running errands that included my local Walmart and decided to try it.  I took forever to smell all the scents, finally chose one, got over the disgust at the price of $12 and put it in the basket.

About 2 aisles later, I looked down at an end cap and saw a 3 pack of Native deodorants on clearance.  For $15.  WHAT?  So the scents were iffy.  One was a great one but then they put the rose and lavender and the cucumber and mint in there with it.  I hate everything cucumber scented but I debated.  Hemmed and hawed.

To get 3 for basically what was the price of ONE?

I couldn't pass that up.  And I could always give the cucumber mint to my daughter... maybe she would like it.

Then I thought, maybe she would like a pack of 3 as well.  So I took a photo, texted to her and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  She was at work so she didn't get it right away.  I put the box back, continued my shopping and then, when I was on the other side of the store, she got back to me with an enthusiastic YES PLEASE!

So back to the end cap I went.  I bought a 3 pack for her and a 3 pack for me.

3 for the price of 1 basically.

And then?

I loved them!  I was so happy I tried them.  They worked great - better than my regular brand - and even the cucumber mint wasn't so bad once it was on.

Yesterday I headed back to Walmart to buy more curtains for my sewing project, and since it had only been 3 days since I had been there last, I headed over to the back end-cap to get another box of the clearance Native deodorant 3-pack.

And they weren't there.

I looked at all the end caps.  I looked in the clearance aisle.  I looked in the regular deodorant aisle.

Woe is me.

I was hoping that $15 for deodorant was too steep of a price for a regular Walmart shopper in this particular small, farming town and the 3 or 4 boxes would still be there.  But nope.  Another saavy, natural deodorant wearing somebody had spied the great deal at some point in the previous 2-3 days and snatched them up.

They were gone.

I was so disappointed, I had to stop in the aisle and just have a moment of silence for my own dumb decision to have not bought a second package when I bought the first.  A rookie mistake.  When you find a great clearance deal, you jump on it.  I know this, but I had failed.

The 3-packs on the Native website sell for $36.



When I sat down with my coffee this morning I had no idea what I'd chat about.
Interesting that it went to the deodorant story.
But now the dogs are waiting to go 'out' and the last of my coffee is cold.
Time to let them out, feed them and get dressed but... I'll be back!
Because I really, truly did not meant to chit chat about deodorant this morning.

However... if you see the 3 pack on clearance at your local Walmart... snatch it up.  It's a great deal.