Rambling Over Coffee - My husband called the Super Bowl Half Time Show "Stripper Pop" - That's All I Know

Image from the news story
Readers of Coffee Talking know, if it's possible to have a less than zero interest in sports, then that's about how much interest I have.

Obviously, I didn't bother watching the big game last night.  I don't watch it, read about it, CARE about it in any way, shape or form.

But when it was over I saw a comment that said something like "best half-time show ever" on - either my phone or computer - I don't recall where now.  (Since it was less than zero on my importance meter.)

I finished what I was doing and was going to go in and read a book, so I went to my husband to kiss him goodnight, and saw on the television, a ton of people being rained down upon with colored confetti.  My first thought?

"Oh man, what a mess.  Someone is going to have to clean all that up.  I wonder what they use?"

After a short conversation with my husband about the mess and the shape of the confetti, he commented the game was fine, he was glad the Chiefs won, but he HATES what passes as half-time shows anymore.

"It's all rappers and stripper-pop!"

"Stripper pop?"  Ha ha...

"Yeah.  Stripper pop! Why can't they go back to having music? REAL MUSIC?"

This morning I was still chuckling about my husbands coinage of the phrase "stripper pop" as a new music genre - and he nailed it.  That's EXACTLY what it is.  It seems females all have to take off their clothes in order to sing a song.  Poor things.  I'm a pretty good singer and I can even do it in a winter coat and boots if I want!

Is that a super-power now?  A female that can sing with clothes on?

But it's funny to me to see some headlines in the morning news with comments from other 'celebrities' saying how great the half time show was...  and the only two people I've actually had ANY interaction with about the game at all BOTH SAID THE HALF TIME SHOW WAS A WASTE.

One (a female) said she found it disgusting.
And my husband, "it's just stripper pop".