Rambling over Coffee: Propaganda and A pediatrican who quit because she couldn't force children into the USA's current vaccination schedule

I met an interesting woman today who is originally from Russia.  She's 63 years old. She's a doctor who was a pediatrician for 3 decades, until about 3 or 4 years ago when she couldn't take the forced vaccination schedule the US imposes on little babies; and how horribly people who choose to not vaccinate or slow down the vaccination schedule to a more manageable schedule are treated.

This woman is a little tiny thing, but a spit-fire!  She holds no punches in her conversations and tells it 'just like it is'.   In her Russian/English accent she had so many thoughts and so much to say about the flawed vaccine system that she could hardly get one sentence out before she was into the next.  Her face showed the emotion and her eyes were showing the care and concern she had for those "little babies" she loved so much for all her years as a pediatrician.  She said she had a hard time with the vaccination schedule, and advocating vaccines at well-child checks that she knew were worthless or that a child should NOT be getting at that age.  She has nothing good to say about the Meningococcal Vaccine, for sure!

She supported informed vaccinations and also fully supported parents getting their babies vaccinated on a slower schedule so they weren't getting 4 and 5 vaccines at one time.  Waiting until their 1st birthday.

She sneered (I don't think she knew she did it) when she spoke of fellow pediatricians that would refuse to see parents/patients any longer the second they questioned the vaccination schedule or asked if they could space them out longer or wait until the newborn was a few months older.

She took on those patients because she sided WITH them - and from an informed medical standpoint, not just as a mother.

She talked so lovingly about those little babies and toddlers.  Her face seriously lit UP when she spoke of the children.  But then the cloud passed over again as she told of the harm the current vaccination schedules are doing.  (She seemed ok with the vaccination schedules as they used to be, but absolutely not the ones being implemented now.  Too many at one time and given far too young and too close, not to mention making some mandatory that should not even be given.) 

She said she absolutely could not do it any longer.  She quit pediatrics and now has gone into a different specialty.  She couldn't change the way the government is demanding the vaccinations be enforced, but she said at least this way she isn't advocating for something she knows is not good for "the babies".

She is still a doctor, still practicing and likes what she is doing... but oh how she misses pediatrics.

Interestingly enough, when I sat down to chit chat about this woman, I had NO intention about writing about her vaccination conversation!  I was going to chat about what she taught me about how Russians are taught propaganda their whole lives and how she said she found it very difficult and still finds it difficult to train her mind to get past what she was programmed to believe, growing up there.  She has/had a strong hatred for Germans for instance, and she found herself bonding with a stranger during the September 11th attacks, as they were in an airplane at the time of the attacks, trying to get home to New York.  They had to reroute (obviously) and they were both stuck in another country, watching the news; their husbands and her children were at home in New York and she was so worried.  She and this other woman bonded, cried, drank wine together and got through it together until they were allowed to fly home to New York.  And only after they bonded through this situation, she found out the woman who she now considered a friend... was German!   She said it was so shocking to her, as she had been taught her whole life to hate the Germans.

She talked about the way of life in America verses being raised in countries like Russian, Japan, China, etc. where you are never, ever taught real history.  It's never taught and never mentioned.  They are very careful about how and what they teach in school and at University.  It programs your brain to think a certain a way.   She said she still fights that programming and has to remind herself to re-think how she feels about someone just because they are Japanese or German, etc. She was quick to point out it's nothing personal and she knows it's not true but she still has such a hard time deprogramming her brain.

That conversation is the one I found interesting and was going to write about!  LOL.  But alas, my coffee is cold and  I'm out of time.

Suffice to say I found this woman and her life very interesting!

.... meh, it's just the coffee talking again.